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20 People Who Barely Recognize Themselves After Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

First, there is a choice and then there is an action. This totally applies when talking about making the choice to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you say “Ok, I will start my diet and start running next week,” but it’s always better to pull yourself together in the here and now.

We at Bright Side got motivated by 20 awesome people who managed to become stronger and we want to share them with you, so you can get inspired as well.

1. “The most noticeable progress isn’t physical.”

2. “I want everyone to understand that a healthy life is possible no matter what your starting weight may be.”

3. Some face gains

4. “I started running, eating healthy, and finally stopped getting bowl cuts.”

5. “Changing my nutrition and sticking to it was the best decision of my life.”

6. “I still can’t believe I took the huge step to change my life and health for the better.”

“Losing this weight was the best decision I have ever made for myself! And I’m still losing!”

7. “The scale hasn’t started with a 2 in 15 years!”

8. “What a difference 6 months can make!”

9. “It’s been very hard navigating weight loss in a healthy way but I’m happy with my result.”

10. “Google hit me with a then and now from 2016 and I was pleasantly surprised.”

11. “Face gains for days!”

12. “I’m getting close to being half the woman I used to be.”

13. “I’m running a half marathon in March, extremely happier, living a way healthier lifestyle.”

14. “4 months of consistent weight training. Now I just need to start focusing on my diet.”

15. “I lost 336 lbs over a total 6 years.”

16. “I started lifting after this pic and have gained lots of healthy muscle!”

17. “I was severely underweight throughout most of 2021. I’m finally at a healthy weight again.”

18. “Obese my whole life and learning to eat more healthily nutritionally and emotionally.”

19. “Starving myself to be thin vs Eating healthy and bulking”

20. “I’d hit a plateau at 138 for months in 2019 before gaining 12 lbs over the past few months but now I’m back on the healthy and losing train.”

Have you ever tried to stick to a healthy lifestyle for a long time? How did it go? Was it difficult?

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