20 People Who Can Say Lots of Things About Losing Weight, and “Impossible” Isn’t One of Them

According to this study, people who have gone through a weight loss transformation are less likely to suffer from depression. So, losing weight and getting in shape is not only good for our health, but also for our mind, and it even serves as a great inspiration to others. Some people haven’t yet started that journey and need a little bit of a push or motivation, and thankfully, others who are in that same situation can provide that for them.

Bright Side believes being happy in your skin is the most important thing, which is why we’d like to show you 20 people who have achieved that and are continuing to work for it, and we hope it might just motivate someone else out there.

1. “200 lb to 172 lb means I lost 28 lb! I have a neck!”

2. “For real, I got a reset button.”

3. “469 lb to 332 lb, having lost 137 lb — I’ve still got lots to go but I’m proud of my first year of progress.”

4. “From 250 lb to 135 lb, having lost 115 lbs — I made it to my goal weight!”

5. “Age 15 to 19 — I’d like to thank Accutane and losing 90 lb!”

6. “253 lb to 176 lb with 77 lb lost over an 11-month period — I’m a new man.”

7. “275 lb to 149 lb, having lost 126 lb — not sure how much weight he lost but we made progress together!!”

8. “300 lb to 159 lb with 141 lb lost — a pure and utter desire to turn my life around and make something of myself!”

9. “From 157 lb to 132 lb with 25 lb lost — a 2-year maintenance check-in!”

10. “275 lb to 225 lb — this is March 2020 to today. My confidence is through the roof.”

11. “From 419 lb to 206 lb with 213 lb lost — 3 years, no shortcuts”

12. “From 258 lb to 188 lb with 70 lb lost — I find it’s honestly incredible the difference the weight makes, no longer the fat kid!”

13. “From 248 lb to 150 lb with 98 lb lost — it’s so amazing and rewarding what the human body can do when you treat it how you should!”

14. “From 310 lb to 208 lb with 102 lb lost — hit the 100-pound mark this week!”

15. “From 250 lb to 159 lb with 91 lb lost — the first time I’ve had a thigh gap since probably birth!”

16. “From 220 lb to 140 lb with 80 lb lost — cycling changed my life!”

17. “From 196 lb to 145 lb with a total loss of 50 lb — the difference is night and day!”

18. “I am over the moon with my progress so far :) Healthy habits changed me!”

19. “Went from 227 lb to 178 lb with a loss of 49 lb — same dress but I feel like a completely different girl.”

20. “436 lb to 354 lb and lost 82 lb — I know I still have a long way to go but I just wanted to share how far I’ve come.”

Have you ever gone on a weight loss journey? If you have, please share with us how you achieved it and what kept you motivated.

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