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26 People Who Have Their Own Understanding of Fashion

If you see some strangely dressed weirdo in the street, it’s probably not a weirdo but a trendsetter — an innovator from the world of fashion. These people are the first ones to catch or even invent the newest trends. We decided to write about them.

Bright Side loves style and fashion but not as much as the people in this article.

That’s what I call a surprise!

This season’s trend: fishtail eyebrows

My bottle — my rules

Are these pants or a tattoo?

Fairy Godmother, is that you?

There’s nothing funny about this picture. Have you ever been attacked by a grater?

When you think about the fate of the world, and then you realize that you’re a backpack...

A hair window

Yuzuru Hanyu, a figure skater, has a special water bottle case for each of his outfits.

Nice bag to go fishing with

You can meet all types of people in a subway.

Where did she get this combination from?

The evolution of fashion. What’s next?

I’ll show you what’s next.

The spirit of fashion

What do you know about rolling, son?

Eco-chic is still fashionable.

These are not calzones?

The mad hatter’s creation

My dad decided that his image lacks neon braids...

Afro hairstyle for the bald? There is a solution.

Now he can put snacks in his hood.

Was it raining?

It’s difficult to be fashionable if you live in Siberia.

Who needs boring shoes if you can wear horse hooves?

This is how it always happens:

What do you think about modern fashion trends? Have you ever seen such trendsetters? Share your stories and pictures in the comments.

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