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26 People Who Prove There Are No Excuses If You Want to Reach Your Goal

There are people who never give up. And their dreams often come true. It’s hard to argue with the fact that it’s easier to make your dreams come true if you just keep fighting, no matter what. Most likely, this persistence is what has helped the people from today’s compilation build their careers, create their art, become happy homeowners, and even beat serious diseases.

We at Bright Side know for sure that no matter how long and difficult the path to your goal is, you can overcome anything.

1. “I opened my tiny restaurant 2 years ago, today. Here’s me about to hang up my sign and get it all started. It’s been so crazy, but I’m still very happy!”

2. Imagine having to study for an exam right after giving birth to your baby.

3. “Today, at 44 years old I became a homeowner for the first time! Get off my lawn!”

4. “I almost have no pain at all. And even though I still can’t move very well, I know it’s worth it.”

5. “My wife and I when we were in active addiction vs Us in April 2017. We now both have over 5 years clean from drugs and alcohol and we have a 3-year-old little girl. Life has been challenging, but compared to our old lives, we are quite literally living a dream!”

6. “2 years ago I was dying in a hospital bed due to my severe Crohn’s disease, today I am 7 months away from graduating with a degree to help people with Crohn’s and Colitis! To everyone who said I wasn’t going to be able to do it, guess what? I did it!”

7. “First time taking our homemade electric velomobile out for a spin! Getting exercise, check. Getting the baby to sleep, check. Saving the planet, check. No wonder we look so happy!”

8. “My artistic progress from 2016 to 2018! I hope my hard work will also pay off in 2019! Never stop drawing!”

9. “I grew up poor in a small town family of 10 and I’m a first-generation college student. I’ve made the top 10% of my class, I’m the VP and President-elect of our student body, and I landed an internship with Deloitte Consulting for the summer. All by myself and I’m only a junior. Happy is an understatement!”

10. “Made some copper roses for metal practice and they turned out great!”

11. “Recently I got a job. I’m no longer having suicidal ideations and enjoying my free time now, instead of agonizing over it.”

12. “After years of writing — I got to hold a book I wrote for the first time today.”

13. "504 days sober!!! 4 weeks out of a bad situation for everyone. The first year hasn’t been without confusion, tears, pain, anxiety, and insecurity. I’ve had to relive a lot of moments this past year and have managed to ignore the Devil on my shoulder that says, “Just one drink....”

14. “After 6 years of horrible emotionally and physically painful acne, I finally figured out how to control my skin... Never thought I would put a picture of myself without any makeup on the internet! Here’s to hope and new found self-confidence!”

15. “This was taken after my first set of pull-ups in 3 months due to my corrective back surgery. I’m already underweight and lost 10 lbs during recovery, but am working to regain the weight and hopefully more! Here’s to many more sets of pull-ups to come!”

16. “We moved to a small town a couple of years ago, but I traveled to keep training Jiujitsu. I started a local club recently and today my kids started too.”

17. “After 4 years of struggling with infertility, I finally have the family I dreamed of.”

18. “In elementary school, I wrote a report about the Maldives and always wanted to go. I finally got to with my husband and it was absolutely beautiful!”

19. “Since the death of my grandfather 5 years ago, I have eaten nothing but junk food. My doctor warned me I need to stop soon, or I’ll die young. My battle with cancer, depression, and anxiety made me too scared to cook. Today I made 4 healthy meals for my week, and I was so proud I cried all day.”

20. “5 months ago, I started preparing for an audition for my dream role by taking voice lessons and prioritizing diet and exercise. Today I found out I didn’t get the role, but I nailed the high notes in my audition and lost 15 pounds. I’ve grown so much and I’m still calling it a win!”

21. “It’s not much. I can’t afford a couch or a chair right now. But it’s home. And for the first time in a long time... I feel safe and I’m happy.”

22. “After 6 months of saving, a lot of working with dogs, and helping people with lawn care, etc. (jobs a teenager can do) I finally got a Nintendo Switch!”

23. “Went from 89 pounds and obsessively looking at the scale every day to chowing down on pizza with my fiancé. Treatment is hard, but has been so worth it. As cliché as it sounds, you are not alone!”

24. “Well, folks. Today I have been sober for ONE YEAR. Coincidentally, this has been the best 365 days of my life. Perhaps even consequently so. All I know is that I feel great.”

25. “I’ve been allergic to cats for my whole life. I’ve finally built up enough of an immunity through injections. Please welcome my first rescue kitty, Legolas.”

26. This is Tanner Wilson, a senior at Caddo High School, who saved his money for 2 years so that he could buy his best friend a motorized wheelchair.

What are the things that motivate you to reach your goals and never give up?

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