29 Situations Proving That Anything Can Happen on a Plane

Funny situations and bizarre people with their own views on private space chase us everywhere.

Today Bright Side shares a compilation of situations that happened onboard a plane.

Nothing special...just the Prince of Saudi Arabia booking 80 seats for his hawks.

"We are monsters! We scare everyone to protect you."

100% introvert

I'm pretty sure Chucky and Annabelle are onboard this plane too.

Hey, it's Launchpad McQuack! At least he's not at the controls of the plane.

This flight attendant looks like he's ready to announce the opening of The Hunger Games.

She was told she could take one personal item with her.

This guy is on the rascal list.

Hey, dude, wanna play ball with me?

It's Hurley from Lost! Houston, we have a problem.

When you wanna feel at home but no one understands you.

That is what Panda Express delivery looks like!

Don't turn your head! Just don't turn your head!

Blonde isn't just a color of hair. It's also an alibi.

This guy simply tied his head to his seat with a belt.

This is Desmond the cat, and he's sleeping on the plane while his human earns money for him.

I hope she's still breathing.

When you can't help taking off your shoes but you personally don't like it.

I can't decide which is worse: the feet of that guy next to me or this drooling dude...

No worries. Everything is ok. She's just freezing.

That dude claims that it's just a new type of life vest.

— Your legs are so long!

— Thank you. I'm still growing them.

Someone hung their underwear on a seat. Keep scrolling.

But why was I not allowed to take a bottle of champagne with me?!

"Yeah! I'm flying alone! And someone's just kicked my seat..."

"My friend is a stewardess, and she sent me a picture of an animal that supported one of the passenger's emotional condition."

If I can't see my belly, no one can!

These guys didn't want a flight to ruin their workout schedule.

Miracles happen too! These brave stewardesses have just attended a delivery! They are weeping with joy.

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