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A Model With Down Syndrome Proves You’re the Only One Who Can Define Beauty for Yourself

If there is anyone who knows what it’s like to dream big and achieve, it’s Chelsea Werner. She’s living proof that nobody should judge appearances and that following your dreams can pay off big. By defying preconceived ideas about Down syndrome, not only did she become an internationally renowned model, but also a 4-time Olympic champion.

Here at Bright Side we’re very excited to share Chelsea’s journey with you.

It all started with Chelsea becoming a gymnast against all odds.

Chelsea was born in Danville, California, and was thought to be unable to walk until she was almost 2 years old, because of her Down syndrome. Yet her parents encouraged her by introducing her to many different sports, and in the end the positive energy of gymnastics competitions made her dream of becoming a gymnast. She began her sports career at the age of 8 regardless of doctors’ warnings that she’d always have low muscle tone.

She quickly became a world champion.

“I’m a very positive person and I don’t see things as limitations. I’m very stubborn and I work very hard. The way my parents raised me made me feel good about myself,” she said. Her devotion, perseverance, and sacrifice have led her to become a renowned athlete. She won the U.S. National Special Olympics Championship 4 times and by age 27, she could proudly say that she was a 2-time world champion.

But then she also discovered the world of fashion.

But then a new interest arose when she discovered the world of fashion. While her professional gymnast career continued, her characteristic perseverance and determination empowered her to knock on numerous modeling agencies’ doors. After being rejected by agencies, she started posting pictures online and then got hired by an agency.

In this interview, Chelsea said, “becoming a model just happened,” to which her mom added, “it happened through the gymnastics and in the end she got scouted by We Speak Model Management.”

She brings a positive change to the fashion world.

We Speak is a New York based agency that’s striving for a positive change in fashion advertisements by bringing a positive outlook, healthy lifestyle, and unique features to the camera. And Chelsea is the perfect example. She shows that being unique is much more than being what people label as “perfect.” Now, with her incredible success, she is bringing more diversity to the fashion industry.

She is not just a model in front of the camera.

The thousands of likes and comments Chelsea receives on her active social accounts proves that it is time for a positive change in the fashion industry. In this interview, Chelsea was asked how it feels to be a role model. She said: “I love it! Many times I hear it from parents of young children. If I can help give anyone hope, that makes me very happy and proud!”

She has conquered sports and fashion, so there’s no stopping Chelsea now. And the best part is that she is simply doing what she loves.

What do you think about this story? Do you think uniqueness is more important than perfection? Do you agree that everybody can and should define beauty for themselves?

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