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The Story of Kelly Preston Who Was Not Only a Brilliant Actress but Also an Incredible Mother and a Loving Wife

Some know her as Marilyn from Mischief and others recognize Kelly Preston as the wife of John Travolta, who she was married to for 29 years. What we didn’t know, was that Kelly was secretly and bravely battling breast cancer for the last 2 years. She passed away on July 12 and the whole world is grieving with her family.

Bright Sight is deeply mourning the Travolta family’s loss and would like to share some facts about Kelly Preston in her memory.

1. Her childhood wasn’t easy but she made it through.

Kelly’s father passed away when she was just 3 years old due to drowning. Her mother Linda, who ran a mental health institution, remarried. As a child, she lived in Iraq and Australia where she managed to study drama and theatre and chase her dreams.

2. She appeared in 72 movies and shows.

Kelly always had a flair for acting and was discovered at the age of 16. She started off working in commercials and her first big breakthrough came with the 1985 romantic comedy flick, Mischief. Following that, she scored roles in Secret Admirer, Twins, Jerry Maguire, and worked alongside prominent actors like Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Jeff Goldblum, and John Travolta.

3. She met John Travolta on the set of The Experts.

Kelly and John first met on the set of their movie in 1987. Their eyes met but she was already married to Kevin Gage. In an interview, Kelly revealed that she was not happily married and the couple eventually divorced the same year. John and Kelly tied the knot in 1991.

4. She believed in spoiling her kids with love.

The Hollywood power couple had 3 children together: Jett, Ella, and Benjamin. While talking about her children in an interview, Kelly said that she believed there was no such thing as loving too much when it came to children.

5. She lost her eldest son when he was 16.

John and Kelly were faced with the greatest tragedy of their lives when their eldest son passed away after suffering a seizure due to Kawasaki disease. The pain of the loss was so incredible that the family started to fall apart until Benjamin was born. “He’s given the house a renewed spirit and purpose. He’s brought us a new beginning, and his presence has brought joy to all.” John said, speaking of his newborn son.

6. Through ups and downs, John Travolta and Kelly were married for 29 years.

Coping with their son’s death was not easy for the couple and it was especially hard on their marriage. To deal with it, they both agreed to go to counseling and give each other some space. “We really care deeply about each other and we protect each other and we keep up to date,” John revealed as he explained the secret to the couple’s happy and successful marriage that lasted almost 3 decades. You can read more about their love story here.

7. According to her daughter, there’s no one as courageous or loving as her mom.

Ella Travolta has never held back when it comes to praising her mom, be it on her birthday or on Mother’s Day. Announcing her mom’s demise, the 20-year-old shared a heartfelt post on her Instagram, thanking Kelly for always being there for her and for her unconditional love. According to her, Kelly was “beautiful inside and out, hard-working and the most amazing mother and wife.”

Which movie or TV show comes to mind when you hear the name, Kelly Preston?

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