What 15+ Celebrities Would Look Like If They Did One of the Most Popular Beauty Procedures

Nowadays, different beauty procedures and even plastic surgery have become a regular thing. Any woman can change her looks if she wants to. More recently, the lip augmentation procedure has become very popular. You can easily meet many women who dared to try it.

At Bright Side, we turned on our imagination to have a look at what celebrities would look like if they decided to do a lip augmentation.

Jodie Foster

Natalie Portman

Meryl Streep

Cara Delevingne

Glenn Close

Gwendoline Christie

Keira Knightley

Sophie Turner

Celine Dion

Jennifer Lawrence

Julianne Moore

Kristen Stewart

Penélope Cruz

Kirsten Dunst

Olivia Wilde

Rooney Mara

Anya Taylor-Joy

Cate Blanchett

Kate Hudson

What do you think about the lip augmentation procedure? Do famous women look better with it in your opinion? Tell us in the comments below.

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