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Young Mom Gets Called Out at the Gym by a Stranger

Getting back in shape after pregnancy can be a real challenge. Even more so if a stranger has inappropriate comments to make about your outfit. Recently, Kylen Suttner, a young mom, was shamed by another gym-goer who thought that what she was wearing was inappropriate. Their encounter went viral on TikTok, and Suttner had the perfect response for the stranger.

Kylen Suttner is a young mom and fitness influencer.

21-year-old Kylen Suttner began her career as a fitness influencer in 2021, when she started posting on Instagram. Since then, she has over 100,000 followers on the platform, as well as almost half a million on TikTok. She’s also a mom to a baby boy, and she documented her postpartum fitness journey as well as other fitness challenges she’s joined.

During one of her regular workouts, she had a not-so-pleasant encounter with a stranger.

The young influencer was in the middle of one of her workouts, when a stranger approached her. The woman didn’t like the fact that Suttner was wearing a sports bra. “Do you really think you can walk around the gym wearing that?” was the first thing the stranger said to Suttner.

Suttner had the perfect response to the woman.

Although at first perplexed, Suttner simply answered “yes” to the woman’s question, who went on to list other things she found to be wrong with the young mom’s outfit. Thankfully, the conversation ended soon after, but not before the stranger could tell Suttner to “put a shirt on next time.”

The video garnered thousands of likes and supportive comments on TikTok.

Kylen Suttner managed to catch the encounter on camera, and posted it on her TikTok channel where it went viral. Her fans were baffled by the unusual situation, and why the stranger thought it was her right to tell Suttner to cover up. “You handled that real well. I would’ve lost it on her. I’m so sorry!” one of the commenters wrote, while someone else wondered, “I’m literally SO SHOOK. The audacity that girl had to say that?!?”

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