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You Can Now Stay at a “Star Wars” Themed Airbnb and Choose Which Side of the Force You’re On

We can divide all hotels into 2 groups — the ones we want to leave our suitcases in and the ones we want to stay in ourselves, forever. If you’ve never seen the latter, you may want to check into this Airbnb in Florida. Its owners go the extra mile to make their guests’ experience unforgettable. This place will impress all die-hard Star Wars fans and just about anyone else who gets to take a peek.

Bright Side is going to show several rooms to you, and your task is to hide your wallet until you confirm your vacation days with your boss! Then you can choose which force (or which side) you want to stay in.

There are several bedrooms that represent different Star Wars themes.

You can sleep in the Millennium Falcon cockpit.

If it’s too hot in the other rooms, you’re welcome into the Hoth-themed boudoir.

Race in a “who’s going to fall asleep first” contest in the side-by-side pod beds.

The floating bed in Cloud City will help you sleep soundly.

Check your nerves in the lava-laden landscape of Mustafar.

The swamp room is also good for those who like to sleep with a little fear in the air.

Wrap yourself up on this bed inside the thatched hut.

Here, you may feel like you’ve been transported to the castle on Naboo.

There’s a great view from a spaceship for those who like to enjoy the starry sky.

Even each bathroom is devoted to a different character.

And every other room has special details that make the whole experience even more unique.

Which room would you choose? What movie-related hotel would you like to stay in (even if it doesn’t exist yet)?

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