10 Actors Reunite With Their Co-Stars Who Are All Grown Up Now

2 years ago

We can imagine that a special bond grows between an actor and his child co-star as they film their movie or series. After all, the child would certainly need a mentor to look up to in this industry, and no one can fill the role better than the professional actor playing opposite them. And after years since they last shared the screen, it is fascinating to know whether the 2 kept in touch, and to see how different they look next to each other now that the kid is all grown up.

Bright Side is fascinated by those actors who took their younger co-stars under their wings, and who’ve managed to keep in touch. Here are some adorable reunion photos that will make your heart instantly melt.

1. Dwayne Johnson and Madison Pettis, The Game Plan

2. Jennifer Lopez and Tyler Posey, Maid in Manhattan

3. Jon Hamm and Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men

4. Sofia Vergara and Rico Rodriguez, Modern Family

5. Kate Ritchie and Debra Lawrence, Home and Away

6. Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1

7. Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart, Panic Room

8. Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine, and Hilary Duff, Lizzie McGuire

9. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, Modern Family

10. Bob Saget and Ashley Olsen, Full House

Is there any other child-adult duo in a series or film that you’d add to this list? Would you have loved to be a child actor yourself?


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