10 Amazon Deals to Save You Literal Hours on Cleaning

5 months ago

Investing in time-saving products is a must when you’re tired of spending countless hours on mundane household chores and want to spend more time enjoying life. Imagine being able to set up or use a product beforehand and have it do the work for you. It’s a game-changer!

Fortunately, there are affordable products that can literally save you from cleaning woes if you use them correctly.

1. If you’ve been struggling for months to remove stubborn coffee and tea stains from your cups, then this tea and coffee stain remover is the solution you’ve been searching for. This powerful formula effectively eliminates stains, without the need for any scrubbing. It also ensures that there’s no aftertaste or odor left behind.

How to use it: All you need to do is add one scoop to the hot water inside the cup and watch as the instant foaming action gets to work. It’s that simple!

Promising review: So satisfying to watch! This stuff is so good. I deliberately look for stained cups, so I can watch it go to work.
I bought it because my husband’s travel flask (stainless steel) would never come clean on the inside no matter what because he was always leaving old tea in it... I put a tablespoon of this stuff in it and added boiling water, and I watched literal chunks of grime float to the top while the solution was effervescent in the beginning. That flask was gleaming in the end—I just rinsed it after letting the product work — I didn’t even need to scrub!
I also used it on my glass coffee pot, and it worked like magic. @Jennifer Westfield

2. When water and soap dry on a surface, they leave behind mineral deposits that provide a breeding ground for soap scum and bacteria. This can be a nightmare to clean, taking hours of scrubbing and elbow grease. But with the shower squeegee, you can prevent this buildup from occurring in the first place.

How to use it: Just run it horizontally from one side of a shower panel to the other, beginning at the top and working your way down.

Promising review: This squeegee not only does its job well, but it also makes you smile while using it. I’ve never had a squeegee that has been so well-balanced in terms of weight distribution between blade and handle. It glides across the glass with ease and nonchalant style, water droplets willingly submitting themselves to the comprehensive reach of the extra-wide blade. This is a well-designed and honed tool that, in the hands of a craftsman, is capable of exceptional results.
If you are thinking of buying one. Just do it! @Phillip Brown

3. If you have stains that won’t wash out, or you simply don’t want to spend 30 minutes physically scrubbing, this stain remover can come to the rescue. In just 3 minutes, this gentle yet effective formula can tackle even the toughest stains while still caring for your precious garments. Your clothes (and your hands) will thank you.

Here’s how to use it if you have washable clothing with a stubborn stain:

  1. Soak the stain thoroughly in the stain remover liquid.
  2. Wait 10–15 minutes for the solution to work.
  3. Use a clean cloth to completely remove the stain.
  4. Finally, just wash the clothing as usual.

Promising review: I’m the devil for spilling liquid foundation on my clothes, my bed linen, my towels—anything—when I’m doing my make-up.
I had given up hope of ever saving a lovely white cotton duvet cover after spilling loads of make-up on it (especially after I had washed and tumble-dried it without realizing that this was meant to ’fix’ the stain) until I bought this. It took a couple of attempts, but it COMPLETELY removed the make-up stain.
I have now purchased this a number of times, and it’s my go-to as soon as I spill or smear ANY make-up (which is frequently as I’m clumsy, and I love make-up—a bad combination). I can’t recommend it enough. @Katja

4. This Speedmop is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your floors clean and hygienic. Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging around buckets of hot water and waiting for your floors to dry. With the Speedmop, you can simply dispose of the used mop head and move on with your day.

How to use: Assembling the mop and attaching a wipe takes less than a minute. Simply dispose of the dirty wipe after use. Additionally, the Speedmop includes both wet and dry wipes, making it a versatile tool for any cleaning task.

Promising review: Lightweight, easy to assemble, and gets the job done in half the time of a normal floor mop. It comes with wet and dry cloths, although I don’t use the dry ones as the wet ones dry very quickly. You can get refills in most supermarkets. I loved the simplicity of this mop.
My only criticism is that it uses up more than one cloth if you have a lot of hard floors, but no problem—I got my squirty Zoflora out when it was drying out. @Mrs. M. J. Davies

5. Whether you have an electric, gas, or fan-assisted oven, this oven liner is designed to protect your oven from spills, drips, gunk, and food residue. It saves you time and energy and is extremely simple to clean. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth or set it on the top rack of your dishwasher, and it’s ready to use again.

How to use it: In all gas ovens or ovens with hidden heating elements, the oven mat needs to be placed on the lowest rack (not on the oven bottom). For ovens with exposed heating elements, place a liner under the heating element at the bottom of the oven floor.

Promising review: A simple act like lining the oven saves a lot of hassle in keeping the oven clean. You can remove the liner to clean it if necessary. I didn’t want flimsy liners that might lift when I open the oven. These are a good thickness and easy to trim to fit. 2 went in the ovens, and the third turned into a bread tin liner... @je3

6. We know the panic that comes with accidentally spilling something on your carpet, but this carpet cleaner takes the stress out of cleaning. With just a small amount of this foam, you can easily remove stains without the need for endless scrubbing. The foaming action of this product is easy to use and works deep into your carpet to remove even the toughest dirt and stains.

How to use it:

  1. Shake well before spraying.
  2. Use a clean brush or a damp sponge to work in the foam.
  3. Wait 2 hours or until dry before vacuuming.

Promising review: This is simply the best. Someone spilled tea on a light-colored carpet, and I tried everything possible to remove it. Nothing did. Then this vanishing foam was recommended by a friend.
I really had given up hope as it had dried into the carpet, but I had nothing to lose. I sprayed it, left it for the suggested time, and with a light scrub, it unbelievably disappeared (vanished!!). There isn’t a trace of tea left. A million thanks to Vanish. I highly recommend it. @S D M C

7. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a plumber visit when you can prevent clogs with this Tubshroom? Unlike standard plugs that lay on top of the drain, this one fits nicely inside, effectively gathering hair around it for simple cleanup. This bathtub drain strainer is intended to collect every single hair and is compatible with any standard tub drain.

How to use it: All you have to do is place it into your shower tub drain. If your drain has a cover, it is typically easy to remove with a screwdriver. Check the unit every other week to see how much hair has accumulated.

Promising reviews: Works great! This item has saved our pipes from being clogged by my long hair! Worth every penny. @CB

Both my housemate and I have long, curly hair. Before getting a Tubshroom, the tub would clog roughly once a month, taking 15 to 30 minutes to get clear and necessitating grabbing all kinds of goo with our fingers or a snake. Since the Tubshroom catches everything, we have to remove it to clean more frequently, roughly once a week. However, cleaning the Tubshroom is much quicker and more hygienic, requiring a roughly 30-second process of pulling the shroom out, removing the rubber ring, and wiping over a trash can.
While it does take more than the single wiping action the packaging claims, it is still vastly less effort than the monthly snaking ritual. Unlike the other options on the market, this is almost entirely stainless steel, so you won’t ever have to replace it either. I strongly recommend this to anyone with long hair or a shaggy pet. @Lyr

8. If you’ve tried everything to get stubborn cat hair out of your carpet, but even your vacuum cleaner isn’t removing it, the pet hair removal roller can spare you from the time-consuming process of vacuuming every day. One of the best features of this roller is its self-cleaning system, which eliminates the need for washing.

How to use it: To clean the roller brush, simply pinch one of the 2 silicone leather mats and swing it several times. This will cause the roller to self-clean and collect all of the hair and fur in the top compartment.

Promising review: I absolutely love this. I have 2 Ragdolls, and as lovely as they can be, they do shed a lot. It’s very noticeable when you have a blue velvet sofa, which I do, so this product literally saved me hoovering every day. It’s really well-designed, and the self-cleaning aspect of it means you can reuse it continuously.
No more sticky paper stuff from roll-ons. It saves money and is much more environmentally friendly if you use it often. Love this so much! A must-buy for cat and dog owners! @mia

9. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning gunk and debris that gets stuck in the gaps between your stove and counter. With these silicone stove gap covers, you can save precious time and energy in the kitchen. The flexible silicone and non-slip glossy backside fit on your stove and counter surfaces and adjust to any uneven spaces.

How to use it: This product can be easily customized to fit non-standard or shorter spaces. You can choose from 2 different lengths, 21 in or 25 in (53 cm or 63 cm), depending on your needs. It is suitable for gaps ranging from 0.2 in to 1.3 in (0.5 cm to 3.3 cm) wide. Before making your purchase, make sure that you measure the width and length of the gap to ensure a proper fit.

Promising review: These stove counter gap covers have been real mess savers! I was able to trim them down just a bit at the back part to fit my stove perfectly.
The clean-up has been so simple. I just wipe it down with a washcloth, or you can move them if you have to get to something cleaned a bit around it as well. Easy peezy!
I haven’t had any issues with them not working as intended. I should have gotten these ages ago! @Carrie Ann

10. This appliance descaler not only cleans but also protects your machines. Maintaining the appliance’s condition and performance helps save energy by keeping it working smoothly and extending its lifetime. It effectively breaks down calcium build-up that has accumulated over time, removing all traces of limescale without the need for any scrubbing.

How to use it: Once it has boiled, mix in 100 ml of the solution with the freshly boiled water and set aside for 30 minutes. Empty the kettle and flush with clean water once the limescale appears to have been lifted.

Promising review: I mainly use this for the kettle and my baby’s sterilizer. So easy to use and does the job perfectly! I find leaving it to sit in the sterilizer for up to an hour completely removes all traces of limescale without any need to scrub.
I follow the instructions for descaling a kettle: I pour what I need in the sterilizer and the rest in the kettle. Always use boiling water too! Doesn’t seem anywhere near as harsh as other brands. @Becky

Make sure you know how to clean smarter, not harder. Transform your home with cleaning products that can make any old surface look like new, and say goodbye to stubborn stains with top-rated products that will get rid of every last dirty spot in your house.

If you’re gearing up for spring-cleaning, check out these gems from Amazon that will help you finish the job early this year. And don’t let muddy shoes ruin your day—keep them looking fresh with effective products that make cleaning them a breeze.

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