10+ Animals That Took Nature a Lot of Time and Effort to Create

4 years ago

Animals are always competing and adapting in order to survive. This way, the most amazing species appear in nature. When we think of hummingbirds, we imagine a cute bird that flies over a flower. But because there is not enough nectar for all the birds, certain hummingbirds became predators. Their small sharp teeth allow them to hunt spiders and insects.

The Bright Side team had a great time finding this information about the animals, birds, and insects that nature created with a lot of time and effort. All of them deserve to be seen at least once.

“When my cat got spayed, the shaved area grew back chocolate-colored.”

The “facial expression” of this Imperial Shag is amazing.

This saw-shelled turtle is one of the few animals that hunt the poisonous cane toad.

The Pesquet’s parrot lives in New Guinea and eats only fruit.

Platax pinnatus, also known as the pinnate batfish. What a captivating creature!

Barn owl showing off its feathers

These rare Japanese chickens called Onagadori can have 39 ft tails.

It’s just the world first and only known pink Manta Ray.

In case anyone is wondering what happened to the dinosaurs, here’s a baby blue heron.

Beautiful Strawberry Finch. They can be grey and ordinary like a chicken. But during the mating period, the males become bright red.

European paper wasps make nests using pieces of paper combined with saliva. This is what they can make if you give them pieces of colored paper.

This violet-backed starling is from Africa.

Bonus: “I had no idea how huge wolves were until I saw this.”

Do you have any unusual animals at home? Maybe, insects or birds? Share your photos and stories with us!

Preview photo credit arthurdentstowels ​/ Reddit


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Wow! Never thought chickens could have such a long tails ?


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