10 Beauty Secrets From Countries With the Most Beautiful Women in the World

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Taking care of our beauty dates all the way back to thousands of years of different recipes from various cultures. These traditions have survived centuries and still remain, giving women the self-care and great feeling we deserve.

Bright Side is fond of beauty in all walks of life. That’s why we collected unique beauty secrets from around the world for you to try next time.

1. Korean women use snail slime for smooth skin.

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Glass skin is the ultimate goal for Korean women when perfecting their skincare routine. However, one particular ingredient in almost all dermatological items is snail slime or mucin. Snail mucin cleanses and fortifies the skin’s surface by removing dead skin cells, brightening the skin, and filling it with collagen for fewer wrinkles.

2. Panamanian women drink pure cocoa every day.

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Native chocolate from the Caribbean, especially in Panama, has been a staple health drink for the locals to achieve a healthier lifestyle and an anti-aging glow. A study even suggests that at least 5 cups of pure cocoa daily, without sugar and preservatives, can keep hypertension and diabetes at bay.

3. Japanese women apply matcha on their scalps.

Aside from helping in weight loss and boosting the immune system, Japanese green tea powder or matcha has another trick up its sleeve. Matcha can also help cleanse your scalp and hair, and promote hair growth. With a mixture of avocado, yogurt, coconut oil, honey, and matcha, a hair mask from root to tip will surely help.

4. Turkish women cleanse with mud.

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Women in Turkey use mud baths not only to soothe their skin, but also as stress relievers. Natural mud baths in their country are created from thermal spring waters that bring sulfur and other minerals into the bath. These components draw out impurities from the skin, like dead cells, and the temperature relaxes sore muscles and joints.

5. Mexican women eat cacti to moisturize their skin.

Mexican nopales or cacti can often be seen getting cooked as specialties or as staples at fiestas and gatherings. However, Mexican women have more uses for their succulent flesh and nutrient-rich juices. They are also applied on the face for a moisturized glow because of their numerous vitamins, phytochemicals, and polysaccharides that help the skin retain hydration.

6. Chinese women use rice water as a facial wash.

Rice water has been used in East Asia for more than 1,000 years in the beauty and cosmetics space. Even now, the benefits of rice water do not fail the women in China when it comes to achieving a youthful face and healthy, lustrous hair. Its uses are limitless, including a bath soak, hair cleanses, facial toner, and sunscreen.

7. Greek women indulge in olive oil.

Greece is very abundant in olive trees and rich in olive oil production. It is no wonder that their women incorporate olives in almost all their beauty regimens and diets to promote a long life and healthy skin. Olive oil nourishes the skin by preventing skin diseases brought on by dryness.

8. East African women slather on shea butter.

Complete with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids, East African women are blessed to have a rich culture of shea butter used for beauty and health. From the shea tree, shea nuts are gathered to produce tons of raw oil-rich shea butter. This butter soothes dry skin, acne, and burns, giving the locals healthy and hydrated skin.

9. Thai women detoxify with lemongrass tea.

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Thai women are accustomed to different versions of herbal teas used for weight loss and other body care routines. However, one commonly used drink is lemongrass tea, which promotes peak performance, great sleep, and stress relief. It also helps with oral health and bloating.

10. Indian women consume turmeric as food and use it as a cosmetic.

Turmeric is probably one of the most used ingredients in beauty and food by Indian women. Besides adding spice and flavor to local dishes, turmeric offers a nutrient-rich alternative to synthetic facial masks. With only a dollop of yogurt and a tablespoon of honey, a turmeric paste can be applied to the skin to get a more vibrant, glowing look.

What beauty secret have you been doing for a long time? Which ones from our list would you love to try?


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