10 Celebs Who Have Broken Society’s Stereotypes and We Are Totally Down for It

2 years ago

Stereotypes are everywhere, and they affect everyone. But sometimes there are people that have decided to stand up to these, teaching us all a lesson in what it means to be yourself. And these celebs have been doing just that!

Here at Bright Side, we encourage being unique, and this compilation is meant to bring the best out of everyone.

1. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, have proven to everyone that love transcends everything when it comes to age gaps in a marriage. Traditionally the man is supposed to be older however, with these 2, Chris is 38 and Elsa is 45!

2. Eva Longoria

Best known for her role on Desperate Housewives show, Eva Longoria broke society’s standards as a woman who did not get pregnant until the age of 43. Now, Eva is happily raising her baby. There is certainly a stigma around this topic, and we are supportive of women who make their voices heard.

3. Harry Styles

As a former One Direction member, Harry Styles has become a total heartthrob. However, only recently has he embraced his feminine side, wearing all kinds of gender-bending outfits, and even dresses. “I find myself looking at women’s clothes, thinking they’re amazing,” he says.

4. Jennifer Aniston

The beautiful Jennifer Aniston has been inspiring people with the fact that she’s still single at 52 years old. The actress doesn’t have any kids yet, but she’s enjoying life to its fullest! She has recently teamed up with Reese Witherspoon on The Morning Show, and her career continues to flourish.

5. Margot Robbie

The stunning Margot Robbie has been breaking the standards that have been set for women as well. The actress stated that she doesn’t enjoy being asked about relationships and kids, which are usually pretty personal, and that women should be allowed to stand up to being asked about these things.

’How dare a man tell me what I can and can’t do when it comes to motherhood or my own body?’ she says.

6. Ezra Miller

Actor Ezra Miller had everyone amazed on the Met Gala carpet in 2019. Miller left behind all kinds of standards for men, and turned out in a dazzling look! It left us totally speechless, and this is exactly what we admire in people.

7. David Bowie

The iconic David Bowie broke society’s standards with his stunning looks, which definitely made a statement: wear whatever you want, and feel good in your own body! His eccentric looks are not something you see every day, which is why he remains one of the most unique singers.

8. Prince

Prince has been known throughout the years as being an individual with a lot of personality and uniqueness. Breaking fashion stereotypes that have been set for men, like not being allowed to dress more feminine or wear make-up, he remains an icon to this day. Because of his contribution to the community, people can express themselves freely, with his example in mind.

9. Ruby Rose

Similarly to Harry Styles, Ruby Rose threw all standards set for women out the window, and embraced her masculine side — which we absolutely adore. Wearing bold outfits, for which we have come to know her, along with her amazing film roles and captivating personality.

10. Billy Porter

Actor, singer, and author Billy Porter does not miss the mark on any red carpet he graces. Some of his most iconic looks include marvelous dresses, bold outfits, and a strong personality to go with them.

Which celeb inspired you the most? Have you ever felt constrained by stereotypes?


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