10 Everyday Things We Do Wrong and Don’t Even Realize Why

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2 years ago

Once we learn how to do basic things, it seems nothing can shatter our confidence in how we do them. Yet, when we discover that we sleep, drink water, or even breathe incorrectly, we start to question our abilities a little bit. At least we can fix everything right away after reading the article.

Bright Side found things you probably do wrong without even thinking about it.

1. Turning on the tap with your fingers

You wash your hands thoroughly to avoid germs. You can also double protect yourself by opening the tap with your wrist, so you don’t have to touch the tap with clean hands.

2. Using a bobby pin with its ridges facing up

When you use bobby pins, make sure their ridges face down. They are designed to keep the hair in place, close to the scalp. The flat side of the pins doesn’t provide a good hold.

3. Breathing with your chest

Belly breathing is the correct way to breathe. It reduces the pressure in the chest, and the heart doesn’t work as hard. Chest breathing is less efficient, strains the neck as well as chest, and can bring about hyperventilation.

4. Cutting a watermelon in half

Instead of cutting it in half, cut off the skin first, making sure you’re not removing the juicy parts. Once done, cut the watermelon into planks, and later, into cubes.

5. Not eating the cores of apples

According to a study, the core of an apple is the most nutritious part of the fruit. Not only does it have a lot of fiber and flavonoids, but also bacteria that promote gut health.

6. Cutting plastic clamshell packages

It’s better to use a can opener for this. Most of the time, scissors can’t cut the plastic, and doing it with a knife can be dangerous. Luckily, a can opener can do it easily — all you need to do is place it just like you would when opening a can.

7. Sleeping on your stomach

Stomach sleepers are at a higher risk of back and neck pain, plus, it can be dangerous for pregnant women. On the other hand, sleeping on your back is the best position for your spine.

8. Drinking water standing up

When you’re standing and drinking at the same time, water flows down your body too fast. This can lead to water accumulation in the joints and even damage your digestive system. The best way to sip water is slowly while sitting down.

9. Reheating food in the microwave

Piling up food on a plate and putting it into the microwave right away is not the best way to heat up the food. Most of the time, some parts will be cold. To avoid that, leave some space in the middle of the plate. This way, the food will be heated up evenly.

10. Matching foundation to your wrist

Your wrists are not exposed to the sun as much as your face and neck. It probably doesn’t even bear the same color as your face. The correct way is to check the color of the foundation on your chest. If that’s not possible, go for the neck at least.

What have you been doing wrong all this time? What things have you always done correctly?

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