10 Famous Couples Who’ve Been Together Forever but Decided to Never Tie the Knot

2 years ago

According to a study, older married men and women are more physically capable than their unmarried or cohabiting peers. However, some Hollywood stars prove that 2 people in love can still be the picture of perfect health, even if they haven’t officialized their romance. After all, some lovebirds think that no legal documents are necessary to tie their hearts together. And some might even say that staying in a committed relationship without marriage can make their passion even more intense.

Bright Side believes that every couple should follow their own path and write their story as they see fit.
And here are 10 Hollywood couples who are still going strong after many years of ’’non-marital’’ bliss.

1. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Mendes and Gosling, who share 2 daughters, have been together since 2011 after meeting on the set of their movie, The Place Beyond the Pines. The actress once revealed, ’’I love the idea of a union, that’s very beautiful. I just don’t think it should be a piece of paper because society tells me to.’’

She added that she finds it really appealing ’’to be with someone in their fifties or sixties and be like, ’That’s my boyfriend.’’’ She continued explaining that she thinks ’’husband’’ and ’’wife’’ are unsexy words.

2. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

The famous lovebirds have been together since 1983. “For people like us, the marriage certificate wasn’t going to create anything that otherwise we wouldn’t have,” Russell admitted in 2020. Hawn had also explained, “It’s not about the marriage. It’s about the people and the relationship, and the will to stay together.”

3. Shakira and Gerard Piqué

Shakira began dating her soccer star beau back in 2010 after the 2 had met on the set of her music video. The singer was fully honest about her view on marriage when she admitted that it scares her. She explained, ’’I don’t want him to see me as the wife. I’d rather him see me as his girlfriend.’’ She added, “His lover, his girlfriend. It’s like a little forbidden fruit [...] I wanna keep him on his toes.”

4. Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

The power couple has been together since 1986 and were engaged in 1992 before calling the ceremony off a year later. The media mogul revealed, ’’Both he and I now say, ’If we had married, we would not be together.’’’ She continued, ’’We would not stay married because of what that would have meant to him, and I would have had my own ideas about it."

5. Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale

The Australian actress and American actor have been together since 2012 and share 2 kids. And even though they haven’t tied the knot, the actor explained that they often call each other husband and wife, revealing, ’’I hate all the other words!’’ He then added, “Boyfriend and girlfriend feels so young. Partner feels so sterile. What else could we say?”

6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

The supermodel and her actor beau met at a London party in 2009. They are parents to a 4-year-old son and a daughter born in 2022. But even after more than a decade together, the couple doesn’t seem in a hurry to walk down the aisle. She explained, ’’For any couple that’s been together for a certain amount of time, there’s a massive amount of pressure to get married. I totally believe in marriage, but being in a happy relationship is much more important to me.’’

7. Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon

The couple who met as students in college has been together since 1984. When asked why she and her comedian partner had never tied the knot, Fallon explained, ’’We’re not married because neither of [us] are fussed." She added that marriage “has not really been anything that either of us has ever really needed.”

8. Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble

The famous ’’momager’’ who has been twice married and divorced has been dating Gamble since 2014. She had revealed that they have no plans of tying the knot, saying, “I don’t have the need to put on a long, white dress and walk down an aisle. I’ve done that.’’ She then added, ’’I just feel really grateful and blessed for my past experiences and I’m looking forward to my future and I just don’t think that I want to go there.”

9. Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson

The actress and film director had been together since 2001 and are parents to 4 children. And even though they never officialized their union, Rudolph revealed that she had stopped calling Anderson her ’’boyfriend’’ after having kids and that she had been referring to him as her ’’husband’’ ever since. She explained, ’’It means he’s the father of my child and I live with him and we are a couple and we are not going anywhere."

10. Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall

The 57-year-old actress who had been previously married filed for divorce in 2010. She started dating her current partner, Bryan Randall, in 2015 and it seems that the pair don’t have any marriage plans for the future. Bullock explained, ’’I don’t want to say do it like I do it, but I don’t need a paper to be a devoted partner and devoted mother."

What do you think is the most important event in a couple’s journey? Do you believe that marriage is a necessary step?


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