10 Fascinating Things the Human Body Does Right Under Our Noses

3 years ago

While the scientific discoveries of today shed light on so many things there are fantasy movies out that seem even more realistic than what we might read in a scientific journal. Even if we are only talking about things that have to do with the human body — they can become an inspiration for a new super hero character. Tasting with our nose? A super-fast eye? These could all be considered hidden superpowers.

We at Bright Side couldn’t just pass by these breathtaking discoveries, so we compiled a list to let our readers know about them.

1. The Pinocchio Effect is real.

This well-known character seems to be based on some real evidence. The research confirmed that when we lie, it is literally reflected on our faces. The temperature of our noses and the area around our eyes increases, and they actually heat up.

2. Our laughter kills our pain.

While it was always commonly believed that laughing is good for your health, it’s only recently that it has actually been studied. And the research showed laughing releases brain chemicals that make us feel good and that can also relieve pain.

3. Ear wax functions as a cleaner.

Many of us have always thought that ear wax should be cleaned daily for hygienic reasons. However, science proves that things are quite the opposite. Ear wax itself cleans our ear canal and protects it from infections. Removing it causes more harm than good for us, so it’s better to only clean it from the surface of the ear.

4. Our hair knows when we sleep.

Our hair follicles can actually tell a lot about our sleeping habits. They kind of track and contain the 24-hour circadian clock that sets up our sleep habits, researchers have found. By just using cells from our follicles, one day it might be possible to help patients with sleep disorders.

5. Our body literally demands a nap after lunch.

This has no connection at all with the food itself we had at lunch. The reason for this is hidden in our body’s clock. Our circadian rhythm sends certain alert signals 7 to 9 hours after we wake up and these signals make us feel sleepy.

6. Blinking works as an “engine” for us.

We spend about 44 minutes of our waking hours (in one day) with our eyes closed due to blinking, and it has some really important functions for us. It not only keeps the eyes hydrated and protects against foreign objects but it also helps us rest. Our brain uses that tiny moment of shut-eye to power down too.

7. Our stomach protects our immune system.

Our immune system is very important for our health and helps us to fight against all external threats. However, it needs some additional help too. And here is where our stomach comes in — stomach acid stops most of the germs that enter the body in the food that we eat.

8. Our eyes have the fastest muscle in the body.

The fastest-moving muscle in our body is the orbicularis oculi in our eyes. It is so fast that it made it into the Guinness World Records. We have 2 of these, one in each eye, and they control the closing action of the eyelids. If an object tries to touch our eye, it snaps the eye shut in less than 100 milliseconds (0.1 second).

9. We have “shock absorbers” all over our body.

Scientists have discovered the molecular structure in the body that functions as a “shock absorber” for us. Researchers say that this finding sheds light on the question of how our bodies accommodate our living tissue without it being torn to shreds by its interaction with so many moving parts.

10. Our nose is responsible for taste perception too.

Our sense of smell is, in fact, responsible for about 80% of what we taste. Without it, we would only taste sweet, salty, sour, and bitter sensations. All other flavors actually come from smell. This is why, when we have a cold and our nose is blocked most foods seem tasteless.

What other unusual bodily features have you heard about?

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