10 Important Lessons a Parent Should Teach Their Son to Raise a Strong Man

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2 years ago

Growing up, there are some important things a boy should know about, such as toxic masculinity. A parent has the power to show their son that there are no rigid definitions of being a man, and they can teach him to talk about his emotions. Helping him to have a healthy relationship with his emotions and to listen to his instincts can improve a man’s quality of life and happiness like nothing else.

At Bright Side, we’ve researched some of the most important things that our sons should know.

1. How to admit defeat

Knowing when to admit defeat without ego and pride getting in the way can save a boy a lot of pain. Walking away from certain types of confrontation is not considered cowardly, but rather an indication of being a strong man. This is an essential skill to teach our sons because it’s quite important to show respect and grace, especially when faced with defeat.

2. That it’s okay not to be strong all the time

As a parent, it’s important to teach our sons about toxic masculinity from a young age. This means that they don’t have to hide their true feelings and always have a brave face. It simply doesn’t make him less of a man if he cries over a sad movie. In fact, studies have shown that toxic masculinity can have a huge effect on his mental health and happiness in life.

3. How to admit their mistakes

Rather than going through life pretending that he knows everything and is always right, he can grow as a man by admitting his failures. A parent can show how important mistakes are in life and that we all grow from them. No one is perfect, so there’s no point for him to be too harsh on himself about his failures. In fact, one study shows that admitting our mistakes has positive benefits.

4. That it’s okay to turn to your parents for comfort and advice

It’s very important for a boy to know that he can turn to his mother and father when he needs support. As parents, this is something we can develop with him as he grows up by giving him a safe space to express himself without any judgment. He should know that asking for help won’t make him any less of a man. In fact, it shows his bravery for opening up and being vulnerable.

5. To never kiss and tell

An important thing any son has to learn is respecting the privacy of others. This includes knowing when not to overshare and brag about a girl by showing private messages and images she shared with him. Parents can show their son how to show respect to the women he dates and how to treat them correctly. Private business between him and his girlfriend is not something cool to brag about.

6. How to be respectful and chivalrous toward women

The ability to listen and respect women is an important skill for any man to have. Teaching our sons not to simply assume that every girl is romantically interested in them will help them become better at connecting with women around them. Every man should respect the word “no” and know that even if she is unsure, he should know that it’s still a no.

7. How to clean up after themselves

Although it can be a bit of a stereotype that men are messy and don’t do chores around the house, it can often be true. It’s important to be clean and tidy, especially if you’re sharing space with a partner. It is important for mothers to make sure that they’re growing up learning how to do chores and keep their room tidy. Learning to keep the house clean together will help the boy later.

8. How to follow his inner voice instead of being vulnerable to peer pressure

We all benefit from listening to our gut instincts and inner voice. A son who learns from his parents how to trust and value his inner thoughts can go through life with good self-esteem and confidence. Rather than following the crowd and doing things that he doesn’t feel comfortable with, he will develop integrity and have the strength to say no.

9. How to have good coping skills

When we’re stressed, we can all do and say things that we’ll regret later. It’s important to teach our sons how to healthily manage their stress. Taking it out on the people who are important to him can ruin his relationships and leave his loved ones feeling scared. Teaching him to control and communicate his emotions can bring much happiness into his life.

10. To not let a girl get come between his friendships

Strong friendships are very important for our sons’ health and happiness. As parents, we should encourage these healthy friendships and teach the importance of “bromances.” A girl getting in between him and his friends can be a red flag, as she may be manipulating and controlling by cutting him off from those close to him.

What are you most proud of your son for? What other lessons do you think it’s important for our sons to grow up with?


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good piece of advice. No one ever talks how much pressure a man had because of a society - "you're a man you have to be strong and never show that you feel weak"


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