10 Kitchen Products That Will Make Your Cooking Experience Smooth Like Butter

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To spend less time in the kitchen in 2023, take a closer look at this list of useful kitchen tools from Amazon that we’ve prepared for you. From a batter dispenser and an egg poacher to a 4-in-1 salad-making set, these little helpers will save you time and keep your kitchen sparkling clean. With these brilliant tools, you can spend less time cooking and cleaning up the mess, and more time enjoying life!

1. If you like pancakes, you may enjoy cooking them a bit more with this batter dispenser. You can easily control the amount of the batter dispensed, which means you control the size of your pancakes. This dispenser also works well with crepe, waffle, and muffin baking mixes.

How to use it: Fill the dispenser container with the batter, press the handle, and squeeze the needed amount of batter onto the pan.

Promising review: If you like pancakes, then this is a must-have product! (Works well with muffins too.) No mess to clean up. Works like a charm every time. Was so impressed I bought more for gifts. @QTrader

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

2. This peeler will help you peel a lot of apples or other fruit in no time: all you have to do is turn the handle. The suction cup design on the base can hold the gadget firmly on your kitchen counter. It comes together with an apple slicer that easily cuts an apple into 8 pieces.

How to use it: Secure the fruit in the gadget with the help of the steel bar. Turn the handle clockwise to start peeling. Press the button to take the peeled fruit out.

Promising review: Excellent piece of equipment. Bought this, as I had loads of apples on my apple tree this year. Thought it looked a bit plasticky when I opened the box but was pleasantly surprised when it worked. It’s very easy to use and clean, and I got through the apples in no time at all. @Karen P

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

3. If you like adding sauces and syrups to your dishes, then this no-drip syrup dispenser is just what you need in your kitchen. It can be used for serving honey, maple syrup, sugar, and other products. The design of this dispenser guarantees clean and safe use. No more mess in your kitchen!

How to use it: Fill the dispenser with the syrup. Press the handle button to pour the necessary amount of syrup, and release the button to stop pouring.

Promising review: This is a very useful gadget that easily dispenses honey or syrup. It comes with a plastic cap to cover the opening that dispenses the honey, but there’s no need to use it since the dripping is minimal, and you can stop it with a quick movement of a teaspoon to pick it up. However, when refilling the container, you must have the plastic cover in place because the stopper has to be removed before pouring the honey in. @JN

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

4. If cooking poached eggs is a tough challenge for you, try this silicone egg poacher. With this item there is practically no chance of ruining your poached eggs. The item design prevents the yolk from breaking and keeps the egg in place during the cooking process.

How to use it: Put the poacher into a pot with water and let the water boil. Break a raw egg above the poacher so that the egg slides inside the item. Cook the egg for the required time and remove the poacher when the egg is ready.

Promising review: It’s brilliant, it just works, and you can wipe/rub off the egg remains with no trouble (unlike the usual horrible trays). First attempt came out perfect. I anticipate endless poached eggs now instead of the inferior, horrible, shell-picky, boiled ones or rubbery, fatty, fried ones. It’s a bit larger than you might expect and hence needs a big/deep enough pan, and the trick seems to be to have the water simmer but not boil (in which case the thing floats up), but that’s easy enough. @Kindle Customer

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

5. With this orange peeler, there will be no more pesky orange skin under your nails, and your fingers won’t get sticky. You can use this peeler on lemons, limes, and small grapefruits too. This item has a simple design, but it does the job perfectly well.

How to use it: Pop your finger through the ring, then glide the spike across the fruit and remove the peel.

Promising review: I love oranges and bought one of these years ago, then I lost it and had to go back to peeling the hard way, filling my nails with orange skin. These simple peelers just work. They have a point that pierces the peel without any damage to the skin of the fruit. Slip it on your finger, do a couple of circles around the orange and just pull the peel off. @Brian Taylor

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

6. If you love cooking but don’t like spending your precious time cleaning up the mess, this cheese grater with a container will keep it all clean. The set includes a container and 2 lids that are made in the shape of the grater that is 2 different sizes. Apart from cheese, this grater can also be used for preparing vegetables, fruit, and other products.

How to use it: Use the container for mess-free grating.

Promising review: The ultimate cheese grater, it doesn’t slip on the counter and it collects the cheese. I’ve had mine over a year and it still looks and feels brand new. Having said that, I don’t put it in the dishwasher but it’s very quick and easy to wash by hand. The 2 different grater lids are also very useful. @trish

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

7. And this is a pure gem for vegetable lovers, as it makes salad-making much easier and faster. This 4-in-1 salad-making set includes a spinner and a basket for drying vegetables, a slicer, a grater, and a spiral cutter. The finger guard included in the set makes using the item safe and comfortable.

How to use it: Insert the proper disc and use the set to grate, slice, spiral cut, or dry the vegetables.

Promising review: I love this, it’s good quality, easy to use, and clean, plus it looks nice. The grating and spiralizing attachment are easy to clip in and remove. I would recommend this product. I got it at a good price which is always a bonus. @Mrs. A. Mcdougall

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

8. With this mini can colander you can drain the liquid from your canned foods with no mess. There’s no need to take out a big colander if you only need to drain one can. This colander can also be used for washing beans and other foods or for infusing tea or herbs.

How to use it: Fit the colander on top of the can and drain the liquid.

Promising review: Fits every can out there and is so nifty and easy to use. So much better than having to drag out a massive colander just to drain some chickpeas. Absolutely genius. I’ve used this to rinse off various pantry items and the holes are perfectly sized so no food or stray pieces of rice slip through. Also, it’s really well made. I wasn’t expecting it to be as sturdy and thick as it is. (This is a bonus. It’s not flimsy which makes it better to use.) Super impressed. @Mila

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

9. Making mashed potatoes has never been easier. This potato ricer is just perfect for creating smooth mashed potato and vegetable purees. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The innovative helix design makes the whole process easier compared to traditional ricers.

How to use it: Put boiled potatoes inside the ricer and twist it to mash the potatoes.

Promising review: My boyfriend had mentioned that he would really like a potato ricer a couple of months ago so it was part of my Christmas present to him. He used it yesterday for our sausage and mash dinner, and it was the lightest, fluffiest, tastiest, best mash ever. I would highly recommend this product but make sure you clean it immediately or leave in hot water as cold mashed potato can be hard to remove! @JoJo

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

10. This 3-in-1 avocado slicer can help you peel, pit, and slice your avocadoes, and there’s no need to use a knife. The non-slip design of the item ensures a comfortable grip and safe use. This is a perfect gift for an avocado fan!

How to use it: Use different parts of the tool to peel, pit, and slice your avocado.

Promising review: Bought it as a novelty gift for the other half as she likes avocados, but it actually has become very useful and is really a handy little tool to have. @Scott Layfield

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

Do you spend much time cooking? What are your favorite kitchen gadgets and tools, and why?

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