10 Mistakes All Cat Owners Should Stop Making

4 years ago

Even the most experienced cat owners sometimes make serious mistakes while caring for their pets. In addition, the animals have to endure discomfort because of this and, as a result, our pets might start behaving badly.

Bright Side wants to share the 10 most common mistakes we make while caring for cats and hopes that this article will help you resolve any issues and avoid making these mistakes in the future.

10. Refusing to neuter or spay their cat

Upper photo: an X-ray image of a pregnant cat. Lower photo: an X-ray image of a spayed cat.

In most cases, these procedures have a positive impact on a cat’s health. They reduce the risk of mammary tumors in female cats and testicular tumors in male cats. Moreover, neutered cats aren’t prone to aggression or running away from home.

9. Bathing their cat

Even some dogs get nervous when their owners wash them. Cats almost don’t need to be washed: they clean themselves on their own regularly. If your pet gets dirty, it’s better to use a wet towel and softly rub the stain with it. In rare cases, when bathing is really needed, try to spot clean, and only wash the parts of the body which are dirty, not the whole body.

8. Feeding them dry food only

Dry food is just a snack. It can’t satisfy your animal’s hunger. Their menu should contain wet food and it’s recommended that you give this to your cat several times a day. By the way, don’t throw the dry food out completely: it’s good for your cat to snack on during the day.

7. Not taking them to the vet

Even cats that have never been outside should get vaccinated. Living in an apartment doesn’t mean your fluffy friend can’t get sick. Once every 6 months, it’s best to bring your cat to a veterinarian.

6. Leaving plants where your cat can reach them

Some houseplants are toxic to pets. As you know, cats like to try to eat flowers, so it’s better to make sure in advance that your home’s flora isn’t dangerous for your home’s fauna. Among the most toxic plants are azaleas, daffodils, aloe, begonias, Calla lilies, and ficus.

5. Punishing them for bad behavior

As a rule, a cat’s bad behavior is their way to solve problems. They start scratching furniture if they don’t like their scratching post or if it’s installed in an inappropriate place. Cats bite and scratch if they weren’t taught how to play with humans or if they find you dangerous.

If a cat doesn’t use its litter box, it might have health issues or it doesn’t like its litter box. If you’re going to punish your cat for this, you’ll only get a frightened and irritable pet.

4. Buying a cat for a small child

Children shouldn’t be allowed to be left alone with cats. A kid can hurt their pet. And in addition, loud noises frighten cats and they can become aggressive. If you decide to get a pet, it’s better to keep an eye on your children if they are around.

3. Ignoring your cat’s right to be alone

Just like humans, cats need a place where they can be alone, and feel comfy and secure. A cat needs a shelter where it’ll be able to hide and sleep, especially at home.

2. Feeding your cat milk

Kittens have to drink their mothers’ milk. If, due to some reasons, they can’t get it, milk can be replaced with special milk alternatives bought at the vet, goat’s milk, and light cream (10%). But in adolescence, several changes happen to the cat’s body and it produces less of the enzyme needed for proper milk assimilation. And in adult animals, lactose intolerance may occur.

1. Declawing

Declawing is considered to be a cruel operation and it’s prohibited in many countries. During this procedure, an animal gets its first knuckles broken and amputated. As a result, the cat suffers from severe pain in its paws while walking.

Have you ever made any of these mistakes? Do you want to add anything to this list?

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Cats also need a secure and comfortable bed( or resting cushion)...even though they can manage to sleep anywhere ( literally anywhere)...some owners neglect this necessity!


I feed my cat with dry food only. I thought it's meant for them and contained all the healthy properties. Now I will have to change it!


#1 Cats get their liquid from their kills in the wild and therefore the dry food offers them none of the liquid needed to hydrate their bodies. They (indoor cats) get it from wet food. Many cats develop kidney problems as a result of chronic dehydration.

#2 DECLAWING is INHUMANE as one can NEVER KNOW when that cat may possibly become an outdoor cat in the future. THOSE CLAWS ARE THEIR NATURAL DEFENSE IN LIFE AND DEATH SITUATIONS !! If you are more worried about the condition of your furniture than you are the life of an animal that you have taken in to your family, find another home for the animal !!! PLEASE DO NOT DECLAW


I’ve had cats all my life. I now own an African Serval. What I have learned is if she is playing a certain way as a kitten, she will play the same way as an adult.

So as a kitten if her play is not something I want her to do as an adult, (bc she will weigh 24+ pounds fully grown), I simply reject her play and present an alternative, more suitable way for the both of us. For example, as kittens, they like to use their claws and teeth and it can get too rough. I don’t want to get hurt when she is full grown, so I reject that play action and give her an alternative so she learns the kind of play I can handle, like playing fetch which comes naturally to this species.


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