10+ Mystery Objects That Need a Real Brainiac to Help Identify Them

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There are many things in the world that can confuse us. But instead of torturing yourself by trying to figure it out on your own, whether it’s an odd shiny object or something that you found inside your Amazon package, other internet users almost definitely have the solution you need. These mysterious objects we have today found their exact purpose, except the very last one. We hope you can help us figure out what it is.

1. “Bought a new pair of Nike shoes. Inside the box was this small, plastic bubble filled with air and what looks like tiny, colorful microplastics.”

“Microplastic particles. Probably to show how Nike helps to clean up our planet.” SimilarContext / Reddit

2. “Anyone know what this is? Gold ring with thin plastic. About 1 cm.”

“The membrane from a kazoo.” papagiorgio2018 / Reddit

3. “Anyone knows what this oval glass dish was used for? It has a raised circle in the top left. The pen is next to it to indicate size.”

“Snack plate. The circle is for a cup to rest in.” bristolcities / Reddit

4. “Made of brass, embedded in the sidewalk. What is it?”

“It’s a sensor to turn the heated sidewalk on and off.” P****man / Reddit

5. “Rusted metal object ~6ft tall found in the woods on the grounds of an estate in Bristol.”

“It’s a late 19th or early 20th C cast iron fence post for a wire fence.” Hedgerow_Snuffler

6. “What is this blue, rubber-textured, long stick with a handle? Marked ’TAL’ bunch of bananas for size.”

“Looks like a bottle brush.” The_C0u5 / Reddit

7. “Chainmail bracelet. Too large to be an actual bracelet.”

“It’s likely for cleaning. I have one for my cast iron pans, for example, that is pretty similar. You can scour with these!” DRARCOX / Reddit

8. “Xmas mystery: Cloth circle thing with a loop sewn on it? It’s some kinda kitchen thing, but it’s too thin to be heat resistant.”

“It’s a sewing notion holder for a sewing machine. Hangs off the lower arm of the machine for you to drop pins into as you run fabric through the sewing machine.” SecretAgentAwesome / Reddit

9. “Small electronic device with wheels/gears, labeled ’Citizen’”

“Miniature robot” nitro*** / Reddit

10. “Found in a used cast iron Dutch oven. It’s decently heavy metal and feels non-stick. The triangles are about 1/4” deep."

“It’s a baking dish for something called pocket cakes. Looks to be part of a set.” stacyeatstoast / Reddit

11. “What is this oval metal thing in a plastic holder mounted to the kitchen wall next to the sink?”

“Steel ’soap’ bar.” breaktime1 / Reddit

12. “This came with my uncle’s oyster shucking kit. Soft and pliable, open on one end and small holes on the other. Roughly 4 inches long.”

“It’s for lemon squeezing.” QueenMelle / Reddit

13. “Object with 2 pins, 2 rings, and a chain.”

“It’s part of a Chatelaine cloak button. The pins are (or simulate?) jet, a coal-based gemstone that was used for Victorian mourning jewelry. The chain would have originally had mementos on small drop chains.” Cod-End / Reddit

14. “Oblong wooden object with grooves and a hole in it. Came in a box with a grain mill but doesn’t belong to the machine.”

“It looks almost like a massive honey dipper.” Rhys_Herbert / Reddit


What do you think this is? We have 3 likely solutions here: a drying rack for glasses, a drying rack for empty milk bottles, and a baby bottle dryer.

Preview photo credit Book-Dragoness / Reddit


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