10 People Who Seem to Be Super Humans in Disguise

year ago

Our set of genes is like a Kinder Surprise Egg — you never know what you’re going to get. We’re all born different, but some people are blessed with that “extra” portion of uniqueness. Plus, they also have the superpower of brightening up our days. Their cool skills and features never fail to impress us.

1. “I can bend the fingers on my left hand all the way back to touch the top of my hand.”

2. “I have a birthmark in my eye.”

3. “My new fingers”

4. “Rare heterochromia”

5. “I have 2 really long fingers on my right hand.”

6. “I can bend my thumb like this. I don’t know how and I still don’t know what it’s called.”

7. “I’m able to bend just the tip of my index finger.”

8. “I have a deformity (lop ear) that means I can’t get a lot of the cool ear piercings I like.”

9. “I can bend only the tips of my fingers.”

10. This is what mirror hand syndrome looks like.

What can you do that most people can’t? What unusual features do you have?

Preview photo credit Unicornglittery**** / Reddit


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