10 Signals That Can Help You See Through Someone Right From the First Date

3 years ago

Let's say you've just met each other and decide to go on a first date. There is no doubt that you want to know more about this person, but there are things that you can't ask directly. Some psychologists say that it's possible to draw conclusions about a person's character and intentions by simply paying attention to small details.

Bright Side found several vivid signals that will help you learn about this new person within a couple of hours and understand whether you're wasting your time or not.

10. Keeps touching hair and clothes

If she keeps touching her hair, trying to correct her hairstyle, or he keeps brushing off imaginary specks of dust from his T-shirt, it means that this couple definitely likes each other. These mannerisms are the brightest signals of mutual sympathy because people are trying to make themselves look better and more attractive. It's unlikely that they would be doing it in front of a person they are indifferent to.

The author of the book 'The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Influencing, Attracting and Winning People Over' points out that when an person's head is slightly bent to the side, this also means a lot. It says about their interest and friendliness. Keep that in mind!

9. Looks straight into your eyes and bends toward you

Eye-contact means a lot. A soft, delicate, and interested look reveals all the secrets of your partner. It means that they like the conversation and the person they are talking to. Conversely, if it's more like the wild look of a 'predator,' beware: perhaps your new friend is not as simple as it might seem.

If a person is trying to bend closer to you while communicating, it's likely that it's not only the conversation that they are interested in. They probably feel a strong interest in your personality as well.

8. Frowns and a closed posture

Pay attention to how a person behaves while talking. If you notice a closed posture like crossed arms lying on the chest (or one arm holding a shoulder, while the other one is down) that usually goes together with a frown, then there are several reasons for it. Your partner is probably feeling cold or they are uncomfortable with you. Something is definitely going wrong - either your partner doesn't like you, or you are overacting.

By the way, if while sitting on a sofa in a cafe, the girl you are with puts a bag between you, you can take it as another signal that she is subconsciously trying to close or fence off from you.

7. Keeps checking their phone

You've hardly made yourself comfortable in a cafe when your partner takes out their phone and dives into their own world. Whatever reasons there might be for justifying this action, it's a simple disrespect to their partner. It's possible that this person is actually good, though they might not have been brought up well. Additionally, they might have an addiction to social media and not even realize it. There can be another reason - communication with you is not interesting to them and that's why they are demonstrating it in such a rude way.

6. Keeps being too reserved

It's not that difficult to understand whether a person is really free or not, even on the first date. Being too secretive, checking the time, and answering the phone saying 'It's from my work' - should all cause suspicion. Additionally, married people tend to hide their hand with the wedding ring even if they took it off before your meeting.

5. Talks about their ex

Talking about your ex is definitely not the best topic for the first date and it doesn't matter how you talk about them; it can be something like 'She was such a fool' or 'I still can't get over him.' Think twice about whether you really want to continue your conversation with this person.

After a breakup, many people want to quickly replace their exes with a new passion to finally get the true happiness. However, this behavior is wrong because psychologically a person is not ready for a new relationship yet.

4. Keeps being naughty

You came to a cafe and ordered food when suddenly your potential partner starts to find faults in everything around. The tea is too hot, the cake is not good, the chairs are not comfortable - there will be at least one or even more reasons for their dissatisfaction.

Alas, that's the character this person has and you can't do anything about it. Additionally, as a rule, pedants and grumblers demand more attention from their partners, which means that very soon you'll also be given an impressive list of wishes about the way you should be. And now it's up to you to decide whether you are ready to build a relationship with such a difficult person.

3. Wants to touch you

Body language expert Traci Brown assures us that a delicate invasion into your personal space during the first date is a very good sign. For example, you could be sitting at a table in a cafe while your partner could be trying to reach your hand and touch it delicately.

This situation checks the personal boundaries of a person - if a girl pretends to not notice this movement or tries to take her hand way, you can probably put this on the list of failed dates. However, it could also be due to her shyness where she is simply taking this slight touch too seriously. Also, very few girls can feel the real difference between a subtle and modest touch and a wild and bold invasion.

2. Cares too much

If you have just met each other but your partner already cares too much by asking dozens of different questions like whether you are feeling comfortable, or too cold -- congratulations you are dealing with a person that worries too much.

There can be many reasons for this behavior. It can be low self-esteem and that's why he keeps trying to please you all the time. Another reason might be that they feel too worried on the first date. Anyway, time will tell and eventually it's up to you to decide whether you feel comfortable with this.

1. Walks next to you or one step ahead

Let's suppose you decide to take a walk in a park. That's a good place to pay attention to how your partner walks with you. If you are walking in one line, staying close to each other, touching each other's hands, congratulations your date is going great. The unity between the 2 of you is obvious.

Body language expert Patti Wood assures us that if one of you is walking a step ahead or behind, then obviously this person is more concerned about their own well-being than that of their partner. Or, they simply feel uncomfortable in this situation.

The conclusion

You shouldn't take every shy look or accidentally raised eyebrow as a 100 percent failure. Conversely, a pleasant conversation and a nice evening together don't guarantee you a happy ending with a beautiful wedding.

What other things should people pay attention to on their first dates? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments!


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