10 Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artists That Can Make Any of Us Look Like an A-lister

2 years ago

When we see celebrities walking down the red carpet, their makeup looks like perfection. They have dewy, luminous skin, perfect brows, and vibrantly colored lips. They also have celebrity makeup artists (MUAs) on hand who have lots of experience and have picked up special tricks and hacks along the way.

We at Bright Side have sought out great makeup tips from some of these celebrity makeup artists to share with you.

1. Apply lipstick from the inside out.

Applying lipstick may seem simple, but makeup artists swear by first exfoliating the lips so that the lipstick goes on smoothly. This can be done with lip scrubs or gently using a wet toothbrush. They then go in with a lip balm to moisturize the lips.

Once you’ve lined your lips with lip liner, apply lipstick from the center, going outward. Starting on the outside may cause you to go outside the lines. The last thing that can make a big difference is to add a highlight to the center of the lips to give them more definition.

2. Skin prepping is incredibly important.

Prepping the skin for makeup is essential. Spending more time initially moisturizing the skin or doing a hydrating face mask can make the skin look fresher and the end result will be enhanced. Also, using a primer will help to smooth the skin, fill in scars and blemishes, and make the makeup last longer.

3. Add oil to your foundation.

For a luminous dewy glow, MUAs add oil to their foundation, which creates a glowing effect. Face oils can also be used as a highlighter on the high points of the face to add a great finishing touch.

4. Add blush underneath the foundation.

Applying blush under the foundation will make it look like the blush is coming from underneath, appearing more natural. Another way to do this is to create a “blush sandwich,” where you apply blush after the foundation, then, using the same brush or sponge that you used to apply your foundation with, you lightly go over the blush again. It takes practice but gives you a more youthful appearance.

5. Use a wet makeup sponge to blend the foundation.

Many makeup artists swear by the fact that sponges when used damp, can make the foundation look more natural and not too heavy. Squeeze out the extra water from the sponge and use gentle dabbing motions for a gradual build-up, which will then enhance your foundation game. It’s important that you keep the sponge clean and wash it after each use.

6. Awaken the skin with facial massages pre-makeup.

When moisturizing and prepping the skin, massaging the skin and tapping it helps to wake up the complexion and stimulate the lymphatic system. Glide the hand up over the cheekbones and tap the chin, forehead, and nose. It helps to reduce any puffiness and helps give off a flawless look.

7. Brush brows down first to get the shape.

By brushing the brows down first, you can outline the basic structure starting at the highest point in your arch. Use light fine hair-like strokes to build up the brow. Then brush them up and finish filling in the shape. You can use a brow gel to keep the hairs up, but if you don’t have any on hand, hairsprays and gels can be used. If using hairspray, spray a small amount onto a brow brush.

8. Use creams instead of powders.

Dewy, healthy-looking skin is what is sought after by A-listers. Powders tend to sit between the natural creases of our skin. Switching powders for creams can help to achieve that dewy look. Try using eyeshadows, blush, contour, and bronzer in cream form. You can create your own cream eyeshadow by mixing a thicker cream, like an ointment, with an eyeshadow powder.

9. Layer your eyeliner like a pro.

Layering eyeliner can upgrade your eyeliner look so that there aren’t any gaps, and it’s a trick celebrity MUA Mario Dedivanovic uses on his celebrity clients, like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. The first step is to use a brown eyeliner and smudge it out with a makeup brush. Then you can add a black pencil and liquid eyeliner. He adds a colored or metallic pencil to the bottom lid line.

10. Blot the skin for a natural finish.

Blotting the excess product can finish your look and make your makeup appear more like skin than makeup. Once you’ve applied your foundation, separate a tissue so you have a one-ply version of it. Gently blot any excess oil.

What makeup tricks have you picked up? Are there any tips you just read about that you’re excited to try?

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