10 Tricks That Royals Use to Make Us Love Them Even More

3 years ago

Royals know how to win our hearts. They have their own protocol and tricks that help them remain noble. Even little details like curled hair or tilting their head slightly while in conversation can add some points and make us love them more.

We at Bright Side think that royals can be a great example of how to make people trust and love someone and we would like to share some tricks that they use.

1. Tilting their head slightly

Specialists compare the trick of tilting your head while talking with a puppy who wants attention, so it just tilts its head. This gesture is consciously perceived more by women than men.

A tilt of the head can establish a feeling of trust and it also shows that you’re interested in listening. So next time when you want to show a person that they are important to you, tilt your head a bit while in conversation.

2. Using a controlled wave

Royals have their own wave that you can easily recognize. It’s very controlled, slow, and calm. The hand should be vertical with a slight twist from the wrist. There are 2 reasons why royals use it.

First, they need to greet people really often, so their wrists can be easily injured. Second, it looks better than frantically greeting the crowd and expresses elegancy.

3. Picking curled hair

If you check the photos of famous royal women you will notice that they like to curl their hair rather than leaving it straight. Of course, they have their own stylists who take care of their perfect look, but researchers show that this is the right tactic.

It was noticed that wavy hair was judged to be more attractive than straight hair. You start looking more friendly with little curls around your face.

4. Using a hat instead of sunglasses

It looks very cool and stylish when celebrities wear sunglasses, but the royal protocol doesn’t allow for it. When you wear sunglasses it may seem impolite because you lose eye contact. Royals need to maintain respect for people all the time while attending official events.

But as a good option for keeping eyes protected from the sunlight, there is a brimmed hat that Queen Elizabeth II likes a lot. Also, it’s part of a tradition that came from the old times when women would cover their hair.

5. Holding hands in front of the body but not clenched

It can be a problem to figure out how to hold your hands while talking to someone or during a presentation. You can use this example from the royals. In the above picture, you can see that Kate Middleton likes to hold her hands in front of her body. It’s important to not hold them behind it because hands are our trust indicator. People you meet need to see your hands and if they don’t, it makes others less trustful of you.

Fingertips should slightly touch each other. Clenched fingers may reveal that you’re nervous or have a closed body issue.

6. Wearing a low and simple hairstyle

Royals have many protocols, including a hairstyle protocol. Hair should look simple and well-groomed. Messy hair may awaken bad associations. From the pictures of royal women, it’s also obvious that they prefer a low ponytail or bun. It’s very convenient and smart because hair doesn’t get messy very fast, like it might with a complicated up do.

7. Exposing your heart

If you’ve never thought about which side to turn to your opponent while shaking their hand, you should know one secret that can help you. Orient the heart and the upper portion of your body toward the speaker, experts suggest. People open up more to those who turn to them more.

Even just a quarter turn away can signal a lack of interest toward the speaker and might make them shut down. Also if you close your chest it can be perceived by others as a lack of confidence.

8. Leaning forward when listening

Normally, when we are interested in conversation, we try to maintain eye contact and nod our head. There is one more trick that can show that this person is important to you, so they can feel comfortable and satisfied.

Just lean forward toward the speaker. If you lean backward, it may be perceived as a dominant gesture, body language experts say.

9. Using a purse as a way of transmitting messages

Sometimes it’s very rude to tell your company that it’s time to wrap things up. The Queen uses her purse to send signals. For example, if she puts her purse on the dinner table, she wants the current event to be over within the next 5 minutes.

10. Not holding hands while attending official events

Actually, there is no such protocol that says royal couples can’t show affection at official engagements. Holding hands make people feel relatable to the royals. Meghan and Prince Harry have a modern approach and they like to represent love and unity in public.

But there is one thing. During more serious events, couples prefer to not hold hands because it shows how professional they are, so it won’t bother other people around them.

What tricks do you use to make people like you? What body language can scare you away?


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I get caught (geekily) leaning forward when I find a show or movie very fascinating. Who knew I could positively apply this to some conversations with others! Good tips! I find myself doing a couple others of these and I will probably also notice this body language from others more frequently now. Thanks!


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