10 Ways to Dress Fashionably Without Spending Your Entire Paycheck

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You don’t need to spend a fortune or even keep up with the latest trend to look good. Knowing a few simple tips may be enough to choose the best clothes for you (and your wallet). After all, you shouldn’t forget that there are classics that will never go out of fashion. Check out some other tips to learn how you can look elegant without worrying about money.

1. Carefully choose the fabric.

Fabrics such as neoprene, linen or tweed can look expensive and sophisticated even if they are not. You can find this type of garments of at a low price and at the same time get a sophisticated and glamorous look.

2. Choose faux suede instead of leather.

Although it is better to invest in quality materials and designer garments, it’s not always affordable. Fortunately, there are some faux options where you won’t notice the difference between an expensive garment and an affordable. Suede is a good example: it will last longer than vinyl and is a more sustainable choice than leather.

3. Choose pointed-toe shoes.

Having a whole closet full of shoes is unnecessary to look good. Investing in pointy-toed shoes is better: they stylize your figure and legs more than other types of shoes. They also look elegant and are perfect for the office or a party, depending on your chosen outfit.

And while it’s true that platforms became trendy for a while, they can contribute to an unsophisticated and cheap look, whether expensive or designer.

4. Avoid overdoing it with decorative elements.

Details can reveal a lot about the quality and cost of clothing. Designer clothes usually have some lace details, so it is better not to overdo it with decorative elements if you want to achieve a simple, yet elegant and feminine look.

5. Zippers are an important detail.

An open zipper or a zipper whose color doesn’t match the garment at all is the first thing that will jump out at you. That’s why taking care of the small details can make a big difference. Opt for invisible zippers if you’re wearing colorful clothes or many different garments.

6. Combine different fabrics and textures.

Mixing different textures and fabrics is another good hack to give a touch of life to your looks without overusing accessories and other decorative elements. It’ll make you look effortlessly stylish. You can mix and match denim, cotton, silk, linen, etc., depending on the different seasons of the year.

7. Add gold accessories to your outfit.

This is a simple trick, but quite effective. Go for a simple look with classic colors and add some faux gold accessories. You’ll automatically get a neat and stylish look, even if you are wearing just a t-shirt and jeans.

8. Invest more in your priorities.

If you have a limited budget, invest a little more in garments that you use every day. If you know you’ll wear jeans and shirts the most, it’s preferable to buy a couple of good quality garments instead of several cheap ones. The opposite happens with dresses or other outfits for special occasions, which you know you will wear once.

9. Tuck in your shirts.

Tucking in your shirt is free, but it can make a world of difference. Tucking shirts or t-shirts into pants styles your figure and gives a classic, elegant look. Plus, you won’t have to worry about spending too much time ironing.

10. Dare trying monochromatic outfits.

Although monochromatic outfits, especially all-whites, may seem risky, it’s a good idea to give them a shot. It doesn’t matter how inexpensive or simple the garments are. White will immediately give you a neat, feminine and sophisticated look.


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