11 Celebrities Copied Their Colleagues’ Outfits, and We Can’t Decide Who Wins This Fashion Battle

9 months ago

Some world-famous celebrities hire a whole team of stylists and makeup artists to make their every public appearance spectacular and original. But not everyone manages to look unique when coming up with a new look, because different celebrities may like similar outfits from the same fashion brands and designers. And sometimes, celebrities mirror their colleagues on purpose. While some of them do it very delicately, only borrowing some details and distinctive features here and there, others completely copy other celebrities’ outfits.

We at Bright Side found out which world-famous celebrities secretly use each other and find inspiration in other people’s looks. It turned out that even those who are considered fashion icons have been caught plagiarizing several times.

Kate Middleton and Caitlin Jenner

In 2015, when Caitlin Jenner gained self-confidence, she started to appear often in public and pose for the paparazzi wearing exquisite outfits. It seems like she decided to learn from the experience of her acknowledged style icon, Kate Middleton, who she’s taken many ideas for her looks from. For example, Caitlin’s blue dress with lace very much resembles an outfit that Duchess of Cambridge chose for a public event in 2011.

Rihanna and Rita Ora

Since Rita Ora appeared in show business for the first time, people started to compare her with Rihanna. And there were reasons for this — many of her outfits clearly resemble the gowns of the singer from Barbados. Rita got inspired by Rihanna’s everyday and evening outfits, as well as by her stage costumes. For example, Rita wore a satin dress with a high slit on the red carpet 2 years after Rihanna shone brightly in a similar outfit.

Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian

The it-girl often appears in public wearing outfits that are reminiscent of the 1990s, but it seems like her inspiration doesn’t just come from the period itself, but from the supermodel, Naomi Campbell. Kim Kardashian has borrowed many ideas from the runway star and appeared in public wearing exactly the same dresses and outfits. In 2019, she tried on the iconic leopard jumpsuit, which Campbell wore at a fashion show back in 1991. Kardashian isn’t ashamed by this, and she leaves captions under her posts with the looks borrowed from the supermodel that say, “Naomi Forever.”

Madonna and Lady Gaga

In 2011, a serious scandal flared up around Lady Gaga’s name — many people noticed that her new track, “Born This Way” sounds a lot like Madonna’s hit “Express Yourself.” These singers have similarities not only in their music, but in their style as well. Lady Gaga has been seen several times wearing outfits that clearly resemble Madonna’s signature style, like conical bras, mesh tights, corsets, high leather boots, and other clothing items.

Kate Moss and Sienna Miller

The cold war between Kate Moss and Sienna Miller has been going on for over 10 years. As usual, it all started with a man. The fact is that Miller stole Jude Law from the model’s best friend, actress Sadie Frost. And the fact that Sienna takes inspiration from Kate’s outfits only adds fuel to the fire. Jeans and sweaters with stripes, leopard prints, fur coats and jackets, fringe boots — these clothing elements give us a reason to believe that Jude Law’s ex-lover borrows from Kate’s ideas.

Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande

Grande imitates her idol, Mariah Carey, in everything — in her manner of performance, style of music, behavior, and looks. And it seems like she isn’t even trying to hide it. Short tops, denim shorts, tight dresses with corsets — all of these clothing ideas were borrowed from Carey’s wardrobe. But Ariana also has her own signature style that many of her fans have adopted — her famous high ponytail.

Victoria Beckham and Chloe Moretz

When Chloe Moretz started dating Brooklyn Beckham, the dollish dresses she used to love got replaced with more business-style outfits, which Victoria isn’t indifferent to. Pantsuits, blouses, classic coats, oversized jackets — it seems like the actress borrowed all these looks from her potential mother-in-law. And although Chloe and Brooklyn have already broken up, the young star still appears in these types of strict and concise outfits to this day.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Younger children often copy their older siblings, and the Kardashian sisters didn’t escape this tradition. At the beginning of her career, Kylie borrowed ideas for her outfits from Kim more than once. Since then, it seems like Jenner has found her own style — but from time to time, outfits that have references to her sister’s looks still appear in her wardrobe. But Kim doesn’t seem to be bothered. In 2017, she and Kylie released a cosmetic line together, and they posed in almost identical looks during the photoshoot for the ad campaign.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

While some celebrities get inspired by the style of Kate Middleton, the duchess herself considers her mother-in-law a role model. Her numerous outfits that have similar features to Princess Diana’s iconic looks prove this assumption. For example, the look the duchess chose to attend a parade in, in 2006, was probably borrowed from Princess Diana.

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt’s ex-wives are always compared and pitted against each other in the media and on social networks. And the media have their reasons for doing this. Their fans have noticed that some of Jolie’s outfits have something in common with Aniston’s looks. In particular, the black floor-length dress with a high slit which Angelina wore at the Oscar ceremony in 2012 is reminiscent of Aniston’s dress she wore at a public event in 2010.

Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian

It turns out that Kim Kardashian doesn’t just find inspiration in Naomi Campbell’s wardrobe, but also in Christina Aguilera’s style as well. The fans of this it-girl noticed that her snow-white outfit with cowboy leather pants is very similar to the legendary look from the singer’s music video Dirrty. It’s also interesting that Kim’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner, had already recreated this outfit right down to the tiniest detail.

What do you think about fashion plagiarism in show business? In your opinion, which celebrity managed to do better than the initial outfit, and who didn’t look so good imitating the looks of others?

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