11 Times Actors Shared Their First Celebrity Crushes

7 months ago

According to psychiatrists, when we experience a crush, hormones, such as dopamine and oxytocin, are released. Oxytocin is also known as “the love hormone,” which might be why we remember our first crush so clearly. These celebrities are no different and share their first obsessions with their famous fellow colleagues.

Bright Side is excited to share these celebrities who divulged their very first crushes.

1. Selena Gomez had a crush on Billy Crudup.

Selena Gomez confessed she had a crush on the actor, Billy Crudup. She said she had an Almost Famous phase, and when she was cast in Rudderless alongside Crudup, she said it “took her a minute.”

2. Zac Efron’s crush on Tyra Banks

Zac Efron said he had a crush on Tyra Banks growing up. He had a poster of the model on his wall when he was a young teenager. He said, “She was the only girl I had a crush on.”

3. Ashton Kutcher’s crush on Jennifer Aniston

Kutcher had a massive crush on the Friends actor when he was a boy. He even had her as his computer screen saver. He made a bet with his friends that he would ask her on a date.

When he became famous, he ran into Brad Pitt and Aniston and asked Pitt if he could ask his then-wife out, to which Pitt replied, “You go for it.” She declined, but they are now friends.

4. Chris Evan’s crush on Sandra Bullock

In an interview, the Captain America actor said, “I grew up with a big crush on Sandra Bullock. Speed was a big one. The whole movie, in general, did it for me.”

5. Daniel Radcliffe’s crush on Cameron Diaz

The Harry Potter star admitted to having a crush on Cameron Diaz. He said, “She is still high up on that list.”

6. Dylan O’Brien’s crush on Chloë Grace Moretz

Dylan O’Brien said he thought what Cholë did in Kick-Ass was amazing and that he had a crush on her, and he thought she was the most badass chick.

7. Matthew McConaughey’s crush on Reese Witherspoon

Matthew McConaughey admitted to having a crush on Reese Witherspoon while sitting next to her. He admired her in The Man in the Moon. Reese was surprised and found it heartwarming.

8. Machine Gun Kelly had a crush on Megan Fox.

Machine Gun Kelly said he had a crush on Megan Fox and hung a poster of her on his wall. And he vowed he would marry her one day. The rapper and actress got engaged in January 2022.

9. Emma Stone’s crush on Leonardo DiCaprio

Emma Stone revealed she had a childhood crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. She said she saw Titanic 7 and a half times in theaters and that he was the love of her life. She also had a signed picture of him in her bedroom.

10. Amy Adams’ crush on Robert De Niro

Amy Adams said she has a “retroactive crush on Robert De Niro.” She has a crush on the ’70s-era De Niro after watching his movies from that time.

11. Jennifer Lawrence’s crush on Timothée Chalamet

Jennifer Lawrence confessed she thinks Timothée Chalamet is hot and that he is “so, so talented.”

Who was your first celebrity crush?

From being deemed “too disruptive” early in his career to becoming a sought-after actor, Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey to success is inspiring. Despite facing numerous rejections, DiCaprio’s determination and resilience propelled him forward. Today, he remains a humble individual, deeply caring for those around him and the environment, showcasing a mindset worth emulating.


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