12 Beauty Standards Modern Women Are About to Leave Behind

7 months ago

According to research, women tend to report lower happiness levels than men. This is often attributed to the pressure women face to conform to societal standards and excel in multiple areas of their lives, including their home and work lives, as well as keeping up with constantly changing beauty trends.

Full lips

One popular trend among women is plump lips, as thin lips are often associated with aging. Many modern women wish to enhance their lips’ volume and expression, and hyaluronic acid-based fillers have become popular.

However, medical professionals warn that frequent lip fillers can cause significant harm, as the skin tissue may stretch and sag under the weight of the injected filler, exacerbating the issue. Individuals need to weigh the risks and benefits before deciding to undergo such procedures.

Neck lines

It’s essential to understand why necklines occur. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner, making it more susceptible to wrinkles and lines. Additionally, sun exposure plays a big role in developing necklines.

Society often pressures women to look young and flawless, and this standard can lead to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Worrying about necklines can affect a woman’s mental health and self-esteem.

“Hourglass” body shape

The “hourglass” body shape has been idealized for quite some time, with those with a slim waist and proportional shoulders and hips often receiving admiring glances. However, stylists suggest that any body shape can look great with the right clothing choices.

For instance, girls with wider hips can enhance their back and shoulder lines with an accent top to balance their silhouette. Similarly, those with longer legs can try bootcut or flared pants paired with flat shoes. Instead of complaining about genetics and envying those with the “ideal” body shape, individuals can learn to enhance their unique features to feel confident and beautiful.

Tight belly

Many women have admitted that an undefined stomach can contribute to their low self-esteem. In an effort to get rid of a rounded belly, some women put themselves through intense diets and exercise regimes. However, medical professionals assert that a small amount of subcutaneous fat in this area is not problematic for women and is, in fact, an indicator of proper body function.

Celebrities are even more affected by these beauty standards. Jaimee Lee Curtis once said, “I want there to be no concealing of anything. I’ve been sucking my stomach in since I was 11.”

Small nose

The concept of an ideal nose that many plastic surgeons promote has become a dream for many girls. This stereotype has been internalized so profoundly that some individuals forget that an unusual nose is not a flaw but a unique feature that sets them apart.

Celebrities, such as actress Lea Michele, embrace and take pride in their unique features. Michele has publicly expressed her fondness for her nose, including its protruding bridge and hooked tip, proving that imperfections can be embraced as a part of one’s individuality.

Symmetric face

While facial asymmetry is natural, some women feel self-conscious about it. Beauty experts and cosmetologists are promoting face-building classes to help women achieve symmetry. Although these exercises can be beneficial, it’s important not to focus on facial asymmetry, as it’s often invisible to others.

  • Almost all faces are a bit asymmetrical. Our eyes are so used to this that they adjust without conscious thought. The odds are that no one has noticed, and they wouldn’t care if they did. © Mary Krupka / Quora
  • If you are conversing closely with someone, they may notice asymmetry and not care because they are talking to a person, not examining a painting. © Donald Bodey / Quora

Thick eyebrows

The trend for thick and natural-looking eyebrows has become very popular in recent years. Unfortunately, not every woman is blessed with naturally full and expressive brows. To help those with sparse eyebrows, the beauty industry has been promoting services such as eyebrow lamination and tattooing.

While some women meticulously draw in each eyebrow hair, others do not find thick eyebrows appealing.

  • I never even care about it, and I think shaping the eyebrows is just a waste of time. Girls think it will make them more attractive but, in reality, become less attractive. © Mohamd Selowe / Quora
  • The eyebrows you were born with are the ones that are suitable for your face, and you should never attempt to change the shape, just clean up the strays. © Despoina Tziouma / Quora

Clear skin

Having an even facial complexion is a common desire for most women. Cosmetic stores are stocked with various products, such as makeup foundations and concealers, while cosmetologists recommend professional peels to help women achieve flawless complexions.

However, it is important to remember that pigmentation issues may sometimes be challenging to eliminate. They are often influenced by internal factors such as genetic code, structural characteristics of cells, and hormonal imbalances, rather than external factors like the environment.

Straight white teeth

While straight, white teeth may be considered the ideal, it’s important to remember that natural teeth come in all shapes and sizes, and imperfections are perfectly normal. In fact, many people find unique or “imperfect” teeth to be endearing and attractive. It is enough to develop simple habits, such as brushing your tongue, to maintain oral hygiene.

Wrinkle-free face

Some say that nasolabial folds make a woman appear gloomy and add years to her appearance. Women spend money on Botox injections and fillers to eliminate signs of aging. However, all of these procedures take away from what nature has given women — their natural beauty and uniqueness.

Cameron Diaz has admitted that she nearly lost her sense of self in pursuing youthfulness. “I’d rather see my face aging than a face that doesn’t belong to me,” the actress shared with her fans in her book when discussing the topic of “beauty injections.”


In pursuing the ideal body shape, many women today strive for the rounded curves seen on figures like Jennifer Lopez. However, it’s important to remember that attaining this shape isn’t just about rigorous physical training but also involves the specific structure of one’s body and muscle tone.

Physiotherapists have noted that having a “flat shape” is not a sign of laziness but rather a result of inactive muscles that prevent women from achieving their desired body shape. Experts recommend incorporating more stretching and walking into one’s routine to activate these sleeping muscles.

Despite this advice, some people believe worrying about body shape is unnecessary.

  • Most people care about the overall package, not each individual part. Very few people sit and examine each body part of their partner to make sure that each part is perfect. © Sarah Lynn Johnson / Quora

Wish to slow down aging

The emergence of wrinkles, mimic wrinkles, and gray hair is often a cause of concern for many women. However, scientists suggest that individuals have limited control over the biological clock’s functionality, so worrying about aging is unnecessary.

Various factors, such as environmental factors, self-care practices, genetics, and overall health, influence aging. Celebrities prove that aging can happen differently and still be equally beautiful.


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