12 Companies Displayed What True Love for Clients and Employees Actually Looks Like

3 years ago

It’s not enough for modern companies to simply advertise themselves to attract clients. The best way to promote your services today is to sincerely care about your customers and employees. Companies come up with creative ideas that consider even the most unusual demands, and if some questions are still left unanswered, they work with every person individually. Customers are returning the love by sharing examples of warm acts they’ve experienced online.

We at Bright Side just couldn’t help but share examples of sincere concern that companies have had for their employees and customers. 12 people from our compilation have seen from their own experience how pleasant this can be. And as a bonus feature, we’ve prepared an example of what happens when companies don’t think about people all that much.

1. A delivery man picked up his next order at a bakery. Unexpectedly, it turned out he was the recipient and his employer was likely to be the sender.

There was a small cake in the delivery box because the delivery man was celebrating his birthday that day. Just have a look at the emotions this present provoked!

2. This guy loves his job for sure.

3. “My new pan has circles that help measure the amount of oil.”

4. This box pretends to be boring to protect what’s inside from thieves.

“Natural white all-purpose flour. Storage instructions: Surprise! It’s not flour. We just put that on the outside so nobody steals it. Now open the box already!”

5. “This is how a cocktail was served at a restaurant. I was allowed to take the ducks home!”

6. “You can plug this USB connector in both ways. The torment is over!”

7. “I bought a mattress from a company. Today, I got a friendly message from them.”

8. “Who should I give your dri—? Got it.”

9. Who would mind driving with a passenger like this?

10. A kid invited their mail carrier to play tic-tac-toe with them by putting a sheet of paper in the mailbox. The mail carrier complied!

11. Caring Apple employes left a message on the Facebook page of a woman who opened it on the computer at the store and forgot to log out.

“Ellen, don’t leave your Facebook logged in at the Apple Store next time!”

12. “I work as an industrial climber. My main task is to surprise cats.”

Bonus: This is probably a service from the year 3000 that we can’t understand yet.

Have you ever seen examples of how companies show sincere care for their customers?


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