12 Lifesaving Products You Will Be Adding to Your Amazon Cart Very Soon

7 months ago

How often do you go on Amazon and start adding things to your wish list? Many of these things you will end up never purchasing, since they look great at first but if you really needed them, you would buy them right on the spot. We have gathered 12 products that you won’t want to wait to purchase thanks to how helpful they might be for you.

1. A baby abdominal movement monitor you can wear on your baby’s diaper and be notified every time they move. The device vibrates after 15 seconds if it doesn’t sense any abdominal movement in order to soothe your baby.

4.2 out of 5 stars

If the device doesn’t sense any abdominal movement for more than 20 seconds, the alarm will go off, so you can go and check on your baby. This device is so practical that you can leave it with your baby for a bit if you need to leave. You can even enable the audio mode in order to hear the noises of your baby.

Benefits: there are no cords or complicated mechanisms here. The material is also BPA-free and fully safe to use on your baby’s skin. It works with batteries which can be replaced at any moment.

Flaws: some people have complained that the alarm isn’t very loud, and they can’t hear it well. Also, there is the possibility of having false alarms during the night.

Promising review:

  • There is no comparison. After reading an overwhelming amount of reviews regarding the Owlet sock having false alarms in comparison to the Snuza, it was an easy decision. It is priced right. It’s not often I find myself paying less for the more reliable option. I was impressed from the moment I took it out of the box with its sleek and compact design.
    The device is lightweight, soft and comfortable for the baby to wear. It’s more affordable than other monitors without sacrificing quality and reliability. I was impressed. I ordered the upgraded version with a longer battery life. Fantastic buy! @Amazon Customer

2. An anti-blister balm that prevents your heels, ankles, arches and toes from getting injured. You just rub it on the area you want to protect and then wear your shoes with socks or not. You can wear it daily for prevention, and after you’ve had blisters.

4.5 out of 5 stars

This product is infused with vitamin A and C to help soften skin and restore dry, chapped and chafed feet. It also helps minimize inflammation while keeping pores clog free. Sweat escapes and lets the skin breathe.

Benefits: many customers have noticed that even under demanding conditions, like preparing for a marathon or wearing boots all day long, this has prevented blisters from appearing.

Flaws: some people have noticed that while the balm minimizes the appearance of blisters it doesn’t completely prevent it.

Promising review:

  • This balm is awesome! I got new hiking boots and needed to break them in, but the fear of blisters makes it hard. I gave this Body Glide a shot and was shocked at how well it worked.
    I didn’t have one blister and I hiked in the new boots for over an hour. It’s easy to apply and isn’t sticky or slimy. Perfect consistency actually kind of moisturizes as well which is nice. Definitely give it a try! @Callan

3. A migraine roll-on stick that relieves from stress, headaches and sinus discomfort. You just apply it to your temples, forehead and back of your neck as soon as you feel any type of annoyance. The soothing aroma takes the edge off and calms your head.

4.3 out of 5 stars

The base of this product is fractionated coconut oil with the addition of pure peppermint, spearmint and lavender oils. It is so small that you can carry it in your pocket, and it is also cruelty-free. It is fast acting so after a few moments of application you will start feeling the improvement.

Benefits: due to the fractionated coconut oil, it won’t stain your clothes. People seem to enjoy a lot the cooling sensation it has and the smell as well.

Flaws: a few customers have said that this product doesn’t really get rid of migraines, but does leave a very nice feeling.

Promising review:

  • I’m someone who suffers from chronic migraines and headaches. Typically, I get 1–2 migraines and 3–4 headaches a week. I’m in constant pain. It’s to the point that I have had to take daily medicine. I was looking for alternatives as I don’t want to have to “pop pills” every single time I get a headache. I’m also one that if I don’t take medicine right away, the migraine/headache develops to the point where I feel nauseous and can’t even speak at times.
    Smell is a trigger and for those who are sensitive to smells especially mint, this is no issue at all! I’ve used it a total of 3 times so far, and it’s worked every time which is incredible! If I don’t take strong medicine, nothing works. I’m ecstatic and released to have found a more natural alternative. For those also in my boat, purchase a cold cap for migraines. Something to also help. @Jessica

4. A dinosaur-shaped candy jar that comes in green, red and white. It is made of polyresin, and it is a fun accessory for anyone to have at home and especially for those with kids. You can add anything inside, from candies to cookies and lollipops.

4.8 out of 5 stars

This jar is 100% safe for food, is lead free and has been coated with environmental paint. You can even use it for other items, such as your keys or your accessories. It is quite big, so it can hold the keys of an entire family.

Benefits: the dinosaur is quite heavy, and it has little pads at the bottom, so it won’t scratch any surface you set it on. The quality is something that surprises people.

Flaws: some people seem to not be 100% happy with the amount of things the bowl can hold.

Promising review:

  • Honestly, better than I thought it would be. It looked cool online and I bought it as an impulse buy and was not disappointed. It’s heavy and well-made. If I had any complaint it’s that due to the shape of the jaw some jelly beans fall out if I don’t grab carefully but, I’ve decided that’s a small price to pay for this epic protector sitting on my desk. @David

5. A carpet cleaner shampoo that is able to remove deep stains and deodorize carpets. You can use it with many vacuums, and you only need to add a very small amount. The formula is very concentrated, so you don’t need to add much. This means that one bottle can last you forever.

4.4 out of 5 stars

This product was created mainly with pets and kids in mind, since it’s them that create most of the mess in your houses. You can even use it to clean and restore your car upholstery and leave it smelling fresh like new.

Benefits: a happy customer mentioned how the product helped them clean their dog’s accidents due to being sick. Both deep stains and bad odor are being removed thanks to this cleaner.

Flaws: some people have mentioned that the scent doesn’t last for too long and that they need to rinse with clean water many times after washing their carpet.

Promising review:

  • We have 2 dogs and 4 boys, so I steam clean our carpets on an almost weekly basis. Previous to this I had been using a popular brand cleaner rhyming with Whistle. I noticed the last few months that the carpet was still looking dingy, and the spots weren’t coming up very well, so straight to Amazon I go.
    I found this amazing product, and with one clean it lifted away months of dirt the other cleaning solution could not. The photo shows all the dirt it lifted from our living room, even though it had been cleaned one week previous. I will absolutely be buying more. The scent is great too. It smells fresh and clean, but isn’t overpowering. My carpet looks brand new. @Anon

6. Adorable weighted door stoppers that serve a double purpose: make your spaces cute while keeping your doors open. Due to the fabric they’re made of, they do not scratch the floors and can fit perfectly in any space.

4.7 out of 5 stars

This door stopper is sewn and stuffed with mixed materials with the outer case comprised of durable cotton and polyester. Inside, an inner filling of sand keeps this weighted door stopper sitting upright. It weighs around 2 pounds and is heavy enough to keep a door open and light enough to move around the house or office.

Benefits: the material of the stopper is very durable and even cats playing with it won’t damage it. People with very heavy doors appear to be very pleased with their purchase.

Flaws: it may not prove useful or durable enough for dorm rooms or really heavy doors that need much more weight to stay open.

Promising review:

  • My bathroom door swings open against my bedroom closet and my floor is carpeted. I keep my bathroom door open. When I stood at my closet selecting clothes, I’d have to push the bathroom door somewhat closed to be out of the way, and then the door would slooowly swing back open and the door handle would slam into the small of my back. Each time. Slowly enough that I would forget about it, until — slam. No longer a spring chicken, I’ve worried that at some point I’d startle into a fall.
    I’ve researched all the devices to control the door and due to circumstances I describe none would have worked. The minute I saw these cute guys I hoped they would be a genius solution. My carpeted floor adds stability. I picked the owl because of his rounded body. He’s properly heavy. The door now sits part way open and Mr. Owl never knocks over. And every time I look at him, he puts a smile on my face. @VT Foodie

7. A hairbrush cleaning brush that helps you remove all the dirt and hairs trapped in your hair tools. It not only gives you a very steady grip, it also helps you reach the hardest spots of your hairbrush. The bristles at the end of the brush can help you remove any debris or dust.

4.6 out of 5 stars

The tool is made of high quality plastic, which means that it can last you forever. If you want to wash it at any point, you can do it in warm soapy water and then leave it to dry in the sunlight.

Benefits: most customers appear to be very happy with how easily this tool picks up even the thinnest of hairs. It can successfully clean board bristle brushes, wet hair detanglers, teasing brushes, and ceramic styling brushes.

Flaws: some buyers said that while the tool is useful it doesn’t always clean the dust balls that accumulate and get stuck on the nubs.

Promising review:

  • I seriously never knew something like this existed, nor that I needed something like this. I have started using a detangling brush as I now live in a tropical environment and am in the water almost every day. Unfortunately, that tropical environment brings mold and dust as I don’t have AC and leave my windows/door open every day. This cleaning brush works wonders to clean my brush. I don’t know how I lived without it for so long! @Siobhan Smith

8. A water bottle that also features a safe where you can hide your keys and your money. It has a 17 ounce liquid capacity and the rest is for hiding space. It is double-walled and leakproof, which means that you can enjoy cold water everywhere you go.

4.4 out of 5 stars

The bottle can keep your beverage hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The top part screws invisibly to the bottom part, so it won’t be obvious that you’re hiding something. The package comes with a free carabiner and smell proof bag.

Benefits: according to buyers, the bottle and its secret compartment stay very tightly closed. It is also very convenient for those who travel a lot.

Flaws: some people think that the hiding spot isn’t as big as they thought, and it definitely can’t fit a credit card.

Promising review:

  • This is a well-built hide-a-safe. The storage space is roomy enough for keys and cash.
    However, the picture is misleading. Because, the storage space isn’t deep enough to fit credit cards or ID.
    I would have been willing to sacrifice a few ounces of fluid space for just a little more depth. Of course, you must be discreet stashing and removing things! Just put it in your duffle bag/backpack before opening or open in a restroom stall, your vehicle, tent, etc. and you’ll be fine! @1guyshopping

9. An air purifier that does wonders for those suffering from allergies caused by pet hair. This machine offers fresh air in just 12 minutes and can purify the air of a 1,095 ft² space in one hour. It can help ease congestion, sneezing and other allergy symptoms.

4.7 out of 5 stars

The filter of the purifier removes dust, pollen and any airborne particles. There are many different filters you can choose from, but it’s the brand’s filters that do a better job. The toxin absorber filter specializes in smog, toxins, and VOCs. The smoke remover filter specializes in wildfire and smoke and the pet allergy filter helps to capture pet dander and absorb unpleasant odors.

Benefits: the noise of this purifier is very low, which lets you sleep and work without annoying you. The product is also very durable and reliable, according to many buyers. It also offers a very gentle light in case you can’t sleep in complete dark.

Flaws: one buyer noticed that the device doesn’t cover 1096 ft², but instead is better used in 600 ft². For one user, the product was loud.

Promising review:

  • My cat’s litter box is located in my bedroom closet, while I have a long haired cat who sheds dander and fur all constantly. Everything I owned is covered in cat fur.
    I bought this air purifier in the hopes of cleaning up the air quality in my bedroom for healthier sleep, better health overall, and maybe reduce the dust and cat fur buildup on shelves and my desk.
    I haven’t owned it for very long, so I can’t say for sure whether it reduced dust buildup, but here’s what I can say:
    — It has reduced odor from my cat’s litter box. I haven’t even smelled it since I bought this item
    — I no longer notice stray cat hairs flying around the air in my bedroom
    — The build quality seems pretty high, with a premium feeling plastic material
    — The air purifier is actually a bit quieter than I expected. I wear open back headphones in my bedroom and when the purifier is on the lowest setting I don’t hear it at all. During the night I typically turn the purifier to the “II” for the white noise while I’m sleeping. @Austin

10. Professional argan oil heat protection that can shield your hair even from temperatures of 450oF. It is best to use this product right before using a flat iron, blow-dryer or curling wand. Not only that, but you can also use this as a conditioner and leave it on your hair.

4.4 out of 5 stars

After using this product, you will notice that your hair is smoother, hydrated and frizz-free. It’s a high grade hair oil infused with highly concentrated antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins. Most importantly, it has not been tested on animals.

Benefits: most buyers seem to be happy with how silky their hair feels after applying. And you only have to apply a small amount, which means that it can last you for a long time.

Flaws: one buyer mentioned that the smell isn’t the best. It doesn’t stink as they mention, but it could be better.

Promising review:

  • I initially bought this product to protect my hair from the heat of my flat iron. While the product does seem to do what’s on the tin, I have found it to serve an even better purpose as a styling agent.
    The two best use cases are as follows: Apply it to damp hair out of the shower, after shampooing and conditioning, followed up by a blow dry. Without applying the oil, my hair often looks dry, frizzes in areas, and lays flat. With the oil, my hair looks almost like it was salon-finished. It looks shiny (without being greasy), healthy, and voluminous.
    The second-best use for this product is to apply it after waking up when I don’t have time to shower. Frequently after waking up, my hair just lays the wrong way and combing it doesn’t help. What I’ll do is to run the faucet with warm water, splash the water onto my hair to get it damp again, apply the Argan oil, comb, and blow dry. The end result looks about 85% as good as applying it out the shower and is a 100% improvement over my bed head. @ZombieRommel

11. A nail protector that makes you feel more comfortable doing this chore around the house. The product features a magnet inside, which keeps the nail glued to it without moving. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on the hammer and not worry about your fingers.

4.6 out of 5 stars

You can just forget all the negative memories of smashing your finger with the hammer while trying to put a nail on the wall. This tool can help with all types and sizes of nails, from really small ones to roofing nails.

Benefits: many elderly people are super happy with this tool and some others are using it for their kids to get an idea of what it means to use a nail and a hammer.

Flaws: some buyers have trouble using it and just didn’t feel comfortable with it. Another buyer felt that the magnet was too strong.

Promising review:

  • I saw this on Shark Tank and thought hmmm. I had to wait for several weeks after I placed my order, and today I used the product for the 1st time. It’s great. I wish I had this for several projects I did recently. Today I was hanging brackets in my sister’s bathroom for her shower curtain. Can I just mention we are sisters, I’m almost 70 and she is 85. These simple little tools made the job go so much easier than I expected.
    Over a week ago I did the same thing in our hall closet, and it took HOURS. Using the nail holder I was able to use a VERY large nail to get a starter hole to hammer in the molly, again I used the nail holder to hold the Molly! I was able to use the screw holder to screw the brackets into the mollys. It took about an hour, not SEVERAL hours. What took the longest was me climbing up and down the ladder. @Jude

12. A cat scratch couch protector that is clear and can fit on all couches. If it doesn’t repel your cat from scratching it, then it will definitely protect the couch from its nails. It is not recommended though to use on leather, real or faux.

4.3 out of 5 stars

The transparent pad is 17″ x 12″, which might be too big for some couches. But you can easily cut it to your ideal size and fit it to your furniture. To set up this sleek cat furniture protector, simply peel off the self-adhesive pad and apply it. If needed, secure using the provided twist pins.

Benefits: many customers seem very happy that their cats haven’t scratched their couches and their dogs haven’t bitten on them. The protector is just very distracting for pets, since it has a reflection.

Flaws: some people aren’t happy with the pins, since they are afraid they won’t be easy to come out. Also, the material might not be flexible enough for curved surfaces.

Promising review:

  • I have three cats whose morning, afternoon and evening routines (aisde from sleeping and eating) was to attack the side of my couch that is facing outwards into the room. My entreaties, admonitions and pleas fell on deaf ears, because they liked this area for sharpening their claws.
    These cat scratch furniture protectors arrived early in the morning. In keeping with their importance to the serenity of my home, I affixed them to my furniture immediately. They adhered well, in panels that I cut to the dimensions of my couch. To ensure they were secured, I attached the panels with the optional pins.
    What a difference nearly a week makes. With two sisal scratching posts on their 3 foot and five foot pedestals, my three cats have changed their routine. The furniture protectors are easy to install, featuring very clear instructions to guide even the less handy among us. I’m very happy that I selected this brand of cat scratch furniture protectors! @Nan Nell

Life can get pretty stressful for a variety of reasons, but when we can make things easier it’s a shame not to do so. Especially when all we need is a few extra things to buy for us and our home. You might be surprised how much one product can alter your life.

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