13 Astonishingly Beautiful Ideas for Your Next Manicure

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year ago

A French-style manicure will never go out of fashion, since it suits absolutely any outfit or style you go for. What few people know is just how many different options are available here which you can try out.

Bright Side selected 15 of the most astonishingly beautiful French-style manicure designs. We’re convinced that there’s at least one here to suit everyone’s tastes. We love them all!

13. Mirror nails

12. Polka-dot

11. Subtle gold

10. Golden glitter

9. Gorgeous red and black

8. A glossy and matte combination

7. Black French tips

6. Add some silver

5. Geometric French design

4. Black and white

3. Another geometric style

2. A white stripe

1. Wine and gold


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