13 New Inventions That Can Make Parents’ Lives As Easy As ABC

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4 years ago

It has always been pretty difficult to raise kids and take care of their well-being. However, 100 years ago parents had to do everything completely by themselves. In comparison, today’s parents have devices that ease their lives greatly.

Bright Side became interested in this topic and prepared a fresh list of cool inventions for kids and their parents.

Babydam Bathwater Barrier

This barrier can be easily installed in any part of the bathtub and lets parents create a smaller, separate, safe space for the baby’s bath.

A bottle for 2 drinks

It sometimes happens that parents want to take water for a walk while the baby wants to drink juice. This bottle that can hold 2 different drinks can solve this issue.

A mat for changing diapers

This mat helps parents easily change their baby’s diaper, no matter whether they’re at someone’s house or at a picnic. Moreover, it takes up very little space, which makes it extremely comfortable to carry.

A comforting toy

A mother can hold this toy near the breast while her baby is breastfeeding and put it into the baby’s crib afterward. The mother’s smell that is left on the toy gives the baby the feeling of being protected and comforted, which is why this toy is called a ’comforter.’

Bottle thermometer

It’s very simple — this small sticker shows the temperature of the liquid in the baby bottle.

Bath mat with a temperature indicator

At first glance, it might seem to be an ordinary rubber mat, but if the temperature of water in the bath exceeds 99°F, the indicator will get red and show the temperature.

A tablecloth that you can draw on

The tablecloth that you can draw on with felt-tip pens, pencils, and paint, can be easily cleaned with an ordinary machine wash.

Portable baby seat

This small suitcase can be easily transformed into a baby seat and can be attached and adjusted to any chair. The seat is also equipped with safety belts and can be carried like a backpack when folded.

Mosquito repellent clip

This cute clip can be attached anywhere — to the baby’s clothes, shoes, backpack, or even their toy. It scares mosquitos off thanks to its natural ingredients, which makes it totally safe for the baby.

A stroller that moves by itself

The Italian company Foppapedretti has released a stroller called Myo Tronic with an electric motor. All you need to do is press a button on the handrail and the stroller will start going at the speed that you set. The person pushing will only need to hold on to the handle and steer through the turns.

A pillow for pregnant and breastfeeding women

These pillows can differ by shape, but all of them have 2 main purposes — to support a pregnant woman during sleep and to support a baby during breastfeeding. Also, this pillow can be used as a barrier to protect the baby.

A portable food mat

These bright silicon mats make the eating process more attractive for babies. Additionally, thanks to their size and special design, these mats help to keep your dinner table, and the area underneath it, clean.

2 in 1: cradle and rocking chair

This is an original way to stay together, but in different zones. While the baby is falling asleep, the parent can be rocking in the chair, thus rocking the baby.

Which of these innovations would you buy for yourself? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Amazon, SnoofyBee.com


This baby blanket is so adorable :)
I would even want one for myself but bigger size!
I think this bottle for two drinks would be a good thing for adults as well. Like, for some two different smoothies or fizzy drinks. Don't you guys agree?

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