14 Crazy Designs People Wore Confidently in the 2000s

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It’s no doubt that the 2000s, popularly known as the aughts, welcomed the beginning of a new millennium with a wild ride in style. Fast fashion is one of the culprits behind the undeniably weird and over-the-top wardrobe choices we saw donned by our favorite stars on TV and in magazines. And it’s only a matter of time before these Y2K trends rise again from the old clothes pile and get back into the spotlight.

1. A pair of lace-up jeans

Whether it be from the sides, front, or back, the laces from our lace-up jeans were apparently all the rage back in the ’00s. Who would’ve thought that a simple way to spice up denim pants was to throw together rodeo-inspired eyelets and string fashioned into a bow?

2. Tiny shrugs


Shrugs were the go-to choice when it wasn’t too warm or cold, and you just wanted some fashionable outerwear without discomfort. Although, aside from style, the purpose of the barely-there jacket is questionable. It is still making a comeback and has evolved into many versions, including boleros and mini-cardigans.

3. Skinny scarves


One use for scarves is to warm our necks and heads on chilly days. However, there were such things as skinny scarves in the aughts, and they were used more like fashion accessories than protection from the cold.

4. Dresses worn over jeans

What would the 2000s be without layers upon layers of clothing with other unnecessary accessories? Back then, iconic red carpet looks included bell-bottoms or skinny jeans worn over knee-high dresses, and no one batted an eye.

5. Tie-on bikini tops

Teeny-tiny bikini tops paved the way for more exposed torsos in the 2000s. Another example of a rodeo-inspired outfit is the tie-on, ultra-cropped top that perfectly went with low-rise denim jeans for a night of dancing and partying.

6. Chunky belts and jewelry


Enormous belts and chunky jewelry dominated red carpet looks. The philosophy was the wider, the better. And there was no limit to what kind of belt or band wrapped around our waists. It included studded leather, silk, strings, chains, and the list goes on.

7. A pair of cut-out jeans

At a time when belts were the thing, cut-out jeans emerged as another trend. These pairs of trousers were often worn without waistbands or belt loops and were cut out or ripped. The only thing that stood between gravity and the pants was the zipper.

8. Grunge preppy aesthetic

There was a way for people to get a prep school vibe and translate it into clothing. But some fashionistas added a twist to their outfits by wearing pieces of every element of prep fashion with a flavor of punk. Imagine knitwear, plaid, tweed jackets, oxfords, and neckties, but mostly ripped and low-rise.

9. Reflective leather clothing

Mary Evans / AF Archive / Graham Whitby Boot / East News

Motorbikers weren’t the only ones to fashion this outerwear. Boy band members did too. One primary example was NSYNC, who often showcased matching wardrobes. A trip down memory lane may expose their leather red carpet moments, like when they wore reflective panels on black leather jackets.

10. Exposed underwear

Bra straps, G-strings, lace tops, and other sultry underwear weren’t meant to be hidden in the mid-2000s, as ladies wore them like badges of honor. Exposed strings and laces were all the rage when it came to red carpet looks.

11. Newsboy caps

Whether it was a sunny day or raining cats and dogs, headwear in the 2000s went a little farther than just plain old baseball caps. One iconic fashion piece was the newsboy cap worn with simple tank tops, jeans, or anything as long as it featured bright colors and wild patterns. Let us not forget about bucket hats too.

12. City cowgirl fashion

There was a time when people decided they wanted to look like cowboys and cowgirls, and glamorous at the same time. That’s when the city cowboy and cowgirl fashion trend emerged and worked well in the summer. Cowhide, boots, button-downs, and cowboy hats completed these looks.

13. See-through shirts


See-through garments were worn by all fashionistas, including ladies and gentlemen. These outfits often appeared in designer clothing and were dubbed a “sheer fashion trend” at the time. And we can’t forget about the fishnets that were often paired with them.

14. “Stripped” coordinates

Who would’ve thought that looking like a shipwrecked damsel was a phase in the 2000s fashion? Ragged dresses and coordinates that looked like they were ripped on purpose are a staple in the aughts playbook.

Which fashion trend were you guilty of wearing in the past? What did your style journey look like in the 2000s?


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