14 Husbands and Boyfriends Who Want to Win the “Prankster of the Year” Award

4 years ago

When you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while, you may understand that it’s easy to fall into a routine. And in order to keep the relationship alive, couples tend to play pranks on each other. A study even suggests that couples who make fun of each other have stronger relationships.

Bright Side loves how the husbands and boyfriends below tried their very best to do pranks and keep their partners on their toes, hopefully laughing. Read until the end for more bonus pranks.

1. This husband, who gifted his wife a blanket that has his own face on it

2. This husband who took the only wedding picture of himself and his wife and it turned out to be like...

3. The amount of cream cheese left by this husband for his wife

4. She asked for a good family portrait that she could send to her family, the husband had other plans in mind.

5. Such a hilarious prank!

6. Just a heads up for a prank!

7. Here’s a heart-shaped pancake a bf made for his partner.

8. How to prank your short girlfriend:

9. This husband sent flours instead of flowers to his wife as an apology.

10. His wife told him to put some spaghetti on the stove.

11. Well-deserved!

12. This man called for his wife to clean up the pee on the floor.

13. Burn.

14. How to annoy your wife (in the garage) like a pro:

What pranks have you pulled on your partner? Share with us in the comments below.


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My ex boyfriend was OBSESSED with pranks. But not the ones that make you laugh too, like those ones.. The ones that make him your "ex" hahaha :p


Aww I love pranks. I do and I laugh when they do to me. In my group we always "prank" each other :)


Once I put mayo in the toothpaste (don't ask how...) my roommate who used to have loud music and was pretty annoying most of the times got it hard :D


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