14 Mistakes That Make You Look Cheap, Even If You’re Wearing Expensive Clothes

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4 years ago

Girls aged 16 and up spend on average, 76% more on clothing than men do. However, the coolness of any given look doesn’t always depend on the amount of money people spend. If you recognize yourself in this situation, don’t get upset. Stylists have created a list of tips that can help you look stunning and never cheap.

Bright Side collected some popular advice that will prevent your image from looking cheap. So here’s a list of what you should be more careful with when putting looks together.

1. Trendy things from previous seasons

The problem with these kinds of clothes is that other people will know how many years ago you bought them.

Wearing up-to-date, trendy clothes can be quite risky and costly. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to a thing from a season ago or more, fill your basic wardrobe with clothes that won’t lose their relevance over time.

2. Oversized clothing

Even a neutral item like a white shirt that is supposed to suit everyone can look ugly if it doesn’t fit you correctly. Oversized clothes that are loose on the body have been staying on trend for a long time now. However, outside Instagram, such things look baggy and as if they were handed down from an older brother or a husband.

Perhaps oversized clothes look stylish on models with a more relaxed look who wear bright makeup, accessories, and high heels. But the lady carrying a baby, an umbrella, and heavy bags on her arms will look as if she borrowed this oversized item from her friend who weighs 30 pounds more than she does.

Interestingly, stylists often recommend tailoring clothes or customizing their size rather than choosing baggy outfits that are a couple of sizes too big.

3. Colorful rivets

You should never be in a hurry while shopping for new jeans. After trying them on and checking the seams, make sure to check all the rivets and zippers. Colorful rivets can make the jeans look unique but only until they get put into the washing machine. Even high-quality dyes will fade after being washed, making the clothes look unkempt.

Pay attention to signs: they should correspond to the jeans’ brand. This will also help to check the authenticity of the purchase.

4. Denim with inscriptions or ribbons

Jeans with inscriptions haven’t passed over any fashion-monger, even Victoria Beckham. But style icons and their followers have successfully left this fashion trend back in the ’90s where it belongs.

Numerous inscriptions, stripes, zippers, and rivets are inversely proportional to the value of the clothing item (with rare exceptions).

Do you want to look high-class? Then opt for jeans with a minimalist style — the simpler, the better. Make sure to pay attention to the quality of the item. The fabric shouldn’t be protruding in the knee area or ridging in the waist area. Don’t be afraid that plain jeans will look too simple. You can always implement them with bright accessories such as a belt, a bag, or some shoes.

5. Bad color combinations

The inability to mix clothing correctly can make even the trendiest and expensive clothes look cheap.

Acid shades are not suitable for everyday wear. Bright clothes should be balanced with pastel tones — it’s the colors that form the basis of the wardrobe. It’s good if one of the colors can be neutral, like black, milk, or a skin tone. On the other hand, many girls who are inspired by the idea of the basic wardrobe, refuse to wear bright colors completely. Gray, beige and black colors prevail in their wardrobe. If the combination of bright colors seems too bold for you, start by combining several things of the same color in one look but in different shades.

6. Low-quality seams

It’s well-known that sticky thread is a universal evil that indicates the ignoble origin of clothing. But even seams that look normal at first glance don’t guarantee that the item was sewn well.

Pay attention to the areas where seams join — the end of one seam should be matching the beginning of the second seam on the other end perfectly. Seams of high-quality items are all placed well, especially in spots where the fabric gets stretched or rubbed on a lot (like in the photo). Otherwise, you might end up getting loose or torn seams after the first washing cycle.

7. Scratches on glasses

Scratched lenses on glasses look can look unkempt, indicating possible untidiness of their owner. But mostly, they just look cheap. More expensive models are less prone to getting scratched and moreover, are safe for their owners to wear.

Glasses are one of the showiest accessories around. Any obvious damage on them will enhance the cheapness of the material. That’s why if you’re wearing glasses with non-expensive plastic lenses, make sure to watch their condition carefully and carry them in a special case.

8. T-shirts with words or sayings on them

Clothes with “jokes” on them are great for teenagers or for special occasions (like as a gift or a costume for a party). But in everyday life, they make adults look childish and immature. T-shirts with lurid signs and prints that draw attention can also look cheap.

If you’re buying a T-shirt with an inscription of an unknown language on it, make sure you know the correct translation as not to get into an awkward situation or become the butt of a joke.

9. Tumbled fur on the hood

Faux fur is beautiful, ethical, and always relevant. Well-known world brands include this material in their collections. Budget brands do it too but they often try to save money on the quality of this fake fur. Faux fur can actually look more beautiful than the natural kind. Pay attention to the quality of the item.

Fur should be removable so that you can wash your clothing item without it still attached. Otherwise, it might get tumbled and will look unpresentable.

10. Missing buttons

Buttons are one of the least noticeable details on clothing — that is, until they go missing. That’s why you need to regularly check your clothes for the presence of all its little elements, including buttons that are missing or that are too tight. You’re unlikely to find any time to fix the button if you discover the issue in the morning right before you head out to work.

Don’t go outside with a missing button — it will spoil your look and make your outfit appear cheap and untidy.

11. Heels or tips of your shoes that are worn out

Even if you need to wait for several months to save some money for new shoes, don’t wear unkempt footwear.

Scratches can be fixed with shoe polish while transparent shine cream can “rejuvenate” shoes for several seasons at a time. Make sure to replace heeltaps on time before they get too worn-out and become noticeable to others. Also, remember you can always do a one-time repair.

12. Polished nails without a manicure

If you don’t have time for a hygienic manicure, don’t bother painting them a color because it will draw attention to your unkempt hands. Hygiene should come first, decor second.

If the cuticle looks messy, but the polish is still solid, put some oil on the dry skin more often. This will help to smooth out any irregularities. The quickest option for a manicure is to use a colorless polish. It will make the hands look neat even without caring for the cuticles.

13. Light clothes in winter

A showy mini-dress in the middle of a cold season doesn’t look stunning and cool but conversely, awkward and ridiculous. Moreover, it might be dangerous for your health! If people turn around to look at you, it’s only because you’re wearing clothes not suitable for the season.

Even if your route doesn’t force you to brave the cold, like if you have underground parking or travel without stepping outside much, thin tights and short outfits are better to be put off until spring.

14. A “pimped up” appearance

“Pimping up” your appearance or loving yourself without fillers, cosmetic procedures, and permanent makeup is a personal choice. The main thing is to keep it unnoticeable for those around you. If everyone gives you compliments about looking fresh after a cosmetic procedure, everything is fine. But if everyone keeps noticing changes in your facial features, it means you may have overdone it a bit.

World-class stars who were once fond of looking plastic have started to refuse fillers which can definitely benefit their overall look.

What clothing elements seem inappropriate to you? What, in your opinion, makes a look appear cheap?


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Bad coloring combinations don't just make you look cheap, they make you look bad too!


Typical girl stuff ? caring so much about what you are wearing.. if it's a neutral color and it's not super tight then I wear it ?


I personally love wearing oversized clothing. I find them very comfortable. Don't care if I look cheap haha


I'm not really one who cares about the clothes I wear, but these tips look very useful if I here happen to look expensive haha


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