14 People Who Excel at Doing Things Their Own Way

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While human beings undoubtedly have a lot of things in common, wit and creativity are particular traits in which we differ from one another. For example, there are times when the creativity of others leaves us perplexed for a few moments, but if we manage to see the situation from another perspective, it all ends up making sense.

1. “No skillet, so I’m cooking pancakes out of a pot.”

2. “This guy’s at work huge ’dad wallet’”

3. Apparently, someone saw the movie Signs recently.

4. “I didn’t have a lampshade, so I made one myself.”

5. “Did I do it right?”

6. “Just an average customer at my local co-op”

7. “For over £800, you too can be a mountain goat.”

8. “The way my friend eats a hot dog”

9. “Who else eats like this?”

10. “The iPhone 14 Pro Max Ultra”

11. “This teacher has one of those diner straw dispenser thingies with pencils in it.”

12. “Mom found this McLaren Senna covered in doges.”

13. “This astroturfed scooter I found in Toronto”

14. “How my wife sits”

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen someone do? Do you have any habits that could be considered unusual?

Preview photo credit HoldTheRope91 / Reddit


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