15+ Behind-the-Scenes Photos That Changed Our Perception of Movies

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Creating our beloved films and TV shows involves many elements, such as green screens, motion capture technology, elaborate costumes, skilled stunt doubles, and meticulous makeup artistry. This collaborative effort by a dedicated team is essential to transform raw footage into vibrant and captivating visuals that viewers enjoy on screen. From pre-production to post-production, countless hours of hard work and creativity are invested in bringing forth the final masterpiece.

Without special effects, Doctor Strange’s superpowers may not be as impressive.

King Kong’s hand

This is how the hand moves by itself in Wednesday.

Ian McKellen using a laptop on the set of The Hobbit

The cast of the TV series The Great having fun

This is what the Knave of Hearts’ horse from Alice in Wonderland looks like.

In the photo on the right, you can see Karen Gillan and Terry Notary, who lent his emotions to the digital dog Buck in Call of the Wild.

Gal Gadot in a more comfortable outfit on the set of Wonder Woman 1984

A lot of work went into creating Gamora’s look from The Avengers.

Josh Brolin’s emotions for the digital version of Thanos

The magic of digital technology in Avatar

Mena Massoud (Aladdin), “At some point, Guy Ritchie decided that I should be an operator too.”

Henry Cavill getting ready for the role of Geralt in The Witcher

In the racing scene in Star Wars, instead of complex audience models, they used multi-colored cotton swabs.

Jason Momoa gives his filming partner, a bear, cookies so that he can remember his smell.

Actors chatting during a break during the filming of The Hobbit

Horse in the movie Mulan

Thunderbird, on the set of Fantastic Beasts, looked pretty unusual.

Bonus: Katrina Law dancing on the set of Arrow

The behind-the-scenes glimpses of iconic movies like Titanic or Everything Everywhere All at Once offer a fascinating insight into the creative process. These snapshots capture the intricate details that bring the action-packed scenes to life, showcasing the dedication and ingenuity of the filmmakers.


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