15+ Brides Who Did Their Best to Make Their Wedding Makeup Perfect

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2 years ago

The wedding day is probably one of the most exciting events in every girl’s life. She wants her dress to be amazing, and her makeup to remain perfect until late at night. It’s not easy to choose wedding makeup, but the heroines of our article did their best. The most important thing is that every bride here applied her makeup by herself, with the help of her own skills and tips from internet users.

At Bright Side, all the female employees chose the most exciting look, and while you look through this selection, they’re out experimenting with their own makeup. In the bonus section, you’ll see a bride who chose her own way.

“My sister-in-law did my wedding makeup and I’d never felt so pretty in my whole life.”

“My makeup survived dancing, eating, and a continuous sea breeze in my face!”

“Did my own wedding makeup!”

“I’d hire you to do my wedding makeup!” © Megan_Kugler / Reddit

“It turned out great, felt great, married great!”

“I practiced my makeup for my Zoom wedding this week. What do you think?”

This bride took some tips from internet users regarding her wedding makeup and shared her results.

“I did my own wedding makeup trial, what do you think? I can’t decide on the lip color.”

“My wedding makeup look. It’s my second try with 2 different lip colors.”

“I’m practicing my wedding makeup with contour and cut crease.”

Shining eyes and a wide smile are the best additions to a bride’s look.

“I’m putting the staying home time to good use and practicing my wedding makeup.”

“I’ve already tried this makeup with brown eyeshadow. This time I decided to try it with black eyeshadow.”

“The happiness I feel now will always outweigh how I look.”

“I saved some money by doing my own hair and makeup for a wedding when everyone else was getting theirs done professionally. How did I do?”

“I have 2 weeks until my engagement photos. I’m using magnetic eyelashes and trying to figure out the rest. I never wear makeup, so just trying to make myself look good without looking too different.”

“We canceled our 75-person September wedding this year in favor of a micro-wedding next June in Yosemite. I practiced my DIY wedding makeup to cheer myself up!”

“I’m not sure I’m totally happy with how my makeup artist did my makeup trial, relative to what I’m able to do myself. Am I being picky? Should I just do my own eye makeup on the big day and let her do everything else?”

“I’ve been practicing my own makeup trials since I will likely have to do it myself for our tiny wedding in June.”

Bonus: “I went no makeup for my wedding. No regrets.”

Would you do your wedding makeup yourself or opt for a makeup artist? Share your opinion in the comments below.

Preview photo credit StableAbel/ Reddit


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well, for me, I got my first wedding last year, well heck no! I was just 10! I mean, it felt like it, cause, in our culture, if a girl becomes ya know? big? no that time of the month? yeah, for the first time, a wedding is to take place, not a wedding but I call it like that, spend all the money get a ton of gifts just for it buying a big hall, grand ceremony I just hated it


most of the ladies are so gorgeous they don't even need any makeup


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