15+ Children Who Did Their Best to Push Their Parents’ Patience to the Limit

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4 years ago

Children brighten anyone’s life... until their pranks exceed all expectations. Some children spill hard-to-clean drinks on the carpet, others scratch the car with keys to write “Love you, Dad,” and some can completely dismantle a smartphone. Parents have to deal with all this and more every time their little ones take advantage of their lack of attention, and they really let their imagination fly!

Bright Side made a list of the funny stories that people experienced with kids and decided to share online.

1. “My little cousin spilled some hot chocolate on a cotton patterned rug. He tried to clean it up with one tissue.”

2. “My little brother’s ’ninja’ costume”

3. “She did her makeup. With dry-erase markers...”

4. “My daughter seems to think that this is how you eat a banana.”

5. “My nephew really wanted to be buried in the sand until a posse of seagulls turned up.”

6. “This is, obviously, the perfect spot for a nap.”

7. “This was me when I was younger. By the way, this is the fifth time I did this after the last 4 times of getting my arms stuck.”

8. Snapped his board in a second

9. “Yup, that’s rice.”

10. Dad’s not going to be very happy.

11. “My toddler likes to throw things in the wash. I must have been distracted or left the door open. But here we are. A whole pack of diapers ruined and a broken washer that I bought just a month ago.”

12. “I thought he ran over his phone with the car, but apparently his kids took it, and when he found it a day later it looked like this.”

13. “My niece did this.”

14. Not the best driver...

15. “Possibly the worst Christmas card ever created...”

16. “I saw this at the hardware store.”

17. “Hamibal Lecter”

When you were a child, how did you test your parent’s or siblings’ patience? Tell us in the comment section!

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Most of these wouldn't exactly test patience. Poor examples. Better examples would be showing kids who are aggressive or rude or refuse to listen or who lie


This doll... when I was a child, all mine were exactly the same ???


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