15+ Designs That Were Probably Meant for Aliens

2 years ago

Some designs are a little bit too outside the box for us common folk. They can be nightmare-inducing, like an animal plushie with realistic human teeth, and they even defy the laws of physics, like an upside-down house. But, the truth is, these eccentric creations never fail to capture the world’s attention and even the hearts of some people.

Bright Side found deep within the internet’s belly a few designs that are out of this world. Buckle up for a wild ride!

1. “A keyboard with cheese styled keycaps.”

2. “A cat butt cookie cutter. Might taste good though.”

3. It’s quite a striking set of instruments.

4. “An interesting house being built in my hometown in Bulgaria.”

5. “Did a double-take when I saw this rock in my friend’s yard. She said it came from the tenants before her.”

6. “A three-legged table that my boss found and put in my office.”

7. “My aunt’s nephew’s haircut.”

8. “This plushie my friend brought to school today.”

9. “I saw this and just had to share.”

10. “Asked my mum for a bedside table lamp for Christmas and received this sassy young lady.”

11. “An excavator’s shovel mug. That’s tea with milk, by the way.”

12. “These Campbell’s tomato soup shoes I received for Christmas years ago.”

13. “This bike I found in Kraków, Poland.”

14. “I encountered this green onion cat hybrid while searching for vintage figurines.”

15. “4 years ago today I got married, this was my cake.”

16. “Unsure if comically great or horrendously absurd, but they’re mine now.”

What’s the most bizarre thing you own? We’re eager to check out your photos in the comments!

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Preview photo credit Sticky_nugget / Reddit


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