15 Extraordinary People Who Got a Personal Blessing From Mother Nature

3 years ago

Fingers bending backward, pointy “elf” ears, and freckled eyes may sound like a description of an imaginary superhero, but these are body features of real people who received an unexpected gift from Mother Nature. Sharing photos of their rare beauty, these people prove that we are all unique, like snowflakes, but we’re all equally gorgeous.

We at Bright Side found these 15 real-life superheroes on Reddit, and they left us in awe of their exotic body features.

1. “None of my fingers have a middle joint.”

2. “My girlfriend has different finger structures.”

3. “I have elf ears.”

4. “My pinky toe and my 2nd last toe changed places.”

5. “This stripe I have on my left iris”

6. “The right joint of my thumb never developed. I can’t bend it.”

7. “A freckle in my eye”

8. “My feet are totally flat.”

9. “My toes are double-jointed.”

10. “This single long hair on my arm.”

11. “I can bend my fingers back.”

12. “I was born with one normal thumb and one toe thumb.”

13. “I have partial heterochromia in both eyes.”

14. “Me and some members of my family have this genetic mutation called Clinodactyly, our pinky fingers are bent inward.”

15. “I was born with 4 toes on one foot.”

Do you have an unusual body feature? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Itsabeautifulwar/Reddit


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