15 Happy Couples Who Prove Age Is Just a Number When It Comes to True Love

11 months ago

Whether it’s a famous couple or your friends, age gaps in relationships often raise eyebrows. While some people judge couples with a large age gap, many believe that when you love someone, age doesn’t really matter. And the couples featured in this article prove that true love can break through all barriers.

1. “I proudly wear the wrinkles in this marriage (I’m 42, he’s 27.”

2. “17 year age gap. 3+ years of big love. He’s 35, I’m 52.”

3. “Celebrating 12 years of marriage this month. 14 year age gap.”

4. “Best day ever. I’m 29, he’s 53.”

5. “Our first holidays in our house we just bought! He’s 51, I’m 30.”

6. “Celebrating my 1 year married to my (32) husband (64) and I’ve never known happiness in a relationship like this.”

7. “My husband (58) and I (36) just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.”

8. “23 year gap hits the 7 year mark. Still going strong!”

9. “Nearly a 24 year age gap. Together 4 years now.”

10. “I just turned 35. He is 56. We met when I was 22. We are happily married with three kids.”

11. “I’m 13 years older than he is and we’ve both never ever experienced love like this! We just got engaged!”

12. “We were 19 and 59 at the time. Still great friends.”

13. “Married just over a month ago! I’m 31 and he’s 49.”

14. “I’m 32, he’s 61. Four years together, little less than a year married.”

15. “20 years older than my husband.”

Do you think age difference matters in relationships?


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