15 Iconic Outfits From Kate Middleton That Were a Perfect Match for the Occasion

2 years ago

It’s no secret that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is one of the best-dressed celebrity women. But her outfits are not just perfectly tailored and chic. Catherine has proven she has great taste and she knows exactly which clothes to wear for which occasion — and her fashion choices have never failed her.

We at Bright Side selected 15 outfits from the Duchess that perfectly matched the occasion at hand, and here they are.

1. This outfit that the Duchess was wearing during an official event on Christmas Eve gives strong festive vibes thanks to the red and green colors and floral motif.

2. When attending the Calgary Stampede Parade, Catherine chose a “rodeo” look that included a white blouse, jeans, boots, and a rodeo-style hat and belt.

3. Catherine looked really cute bundled up in her thick coat and wearing a warm knitted pompom hat while playing hockey with her husband.

4. While visiting the Land Rover BAR team training boat, the Duchess was dressed in a nautical-inspired ensemble that included a white blouse with navy blue accents.

5. Catherine chose another navy-style ensemble when she attended the launch of the King’s Cup Regatta.

6. And here’s one more nautical outfit that the Duchess was wearing while meeting local fishermen and their families in Scotland.

7. Catherine chose a shirt with a padded vest, dark pants, and casual sneakers to visit a garden center.

8. Catherine donned a white sheath dress with cobalt blue embroidery that looked just perfect when she was posing near the white marble of the Taj Mahal together with William.

9. The Duchess wore a light blue dress to visit the Blue Whale exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

10. Catherine accessorized her red outfit with a maple leaf brooch while visiting Canada.

11. While attending the Wimbledon championships, Catherine is often seen wearing white outfits that match the outfits of Wimbledon players who usually wear white.

Wearing white at Wimbledon reportedly dates back to the 1800s, when the color white was believed to be ideal for players to wear to “cool” themselves down.

12. What outfit could be more appropriate for visiting a flower show than a long dress with a floral motif and lace details?

13. Catherine looked gorgeous in her high cowboy-style boots and leather vest while hiking a mountain trail with William.

14. When visiting the Scouts’ headquarters, the Duchess stole the show with her scout look: a utility jacket, a mahogany turtleneck sweater, dark trousers, and, of course, a scout scarf.

15. And here Catherine is wearing a festive red and green color combination while picking out the perfect Christmas tree.

Are you interested in royal fashion? Which royal looks are your favorite?


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