15+ Moments That Made People Say “Now That’s What I Call Great Service!”

5 months ago

Everyone loves top-notch service, whether it’s at a cafe or a store. And it’s equally satisfying when you buy something and get a little bonus from the seller or manufacturer. These moments are so enjoyable that you want to tell everyone about them, just like the people in our story did.

“A pan I got for Christmas came with a full-size screwdriver for the assembly of the handle! There was only one screw.”

“We asked for ‘some extra chocolate mints’ in our to-go Olive Garden order...”

“Miniature model of a swimming pool in a briefcase. Salesman would travel door to door trying to sell you the full-sized version.”

“Went on a Disney cruise and was asked what I want for dessert.. I said ‘nothing’ and got this.”

“My bf ordered shoes and in the box he found a body wash sample.”

“My hotel bathroom has a phone next to the toilet.”

“Me to the flight attendant at 3 AM: ’Excuse me, may I have another bag of cookies’ Her: ’Sure, here you go! A bag of cookies!’”

“I ordered a guitar pedal from Japan and it came with an origami crane and a handwritten thank you note.”

“A kitty cat robot just brought me my boba tea.”

“My kiwis came with a little scooper-knife.”

A taxi in Manila has a hedgehog hanging from the mirror.

“The insoles I ordered came with a foot-shaped lollipop.”

Robot delivers plates to tables at a local restaurant.

“I hired cleaners to do a thorough cleaning. And they even did this to the toilet paper.”

“In Hong Kong, they use a projection, instead of a sign, for wet floors.”

“The hair product I purchased came with these free bath toys.”

“My pizza came with scissors.”

“My orthodontist gave me popcorn after I got my braces off.”

“The wood carving knife I ordered online came with 2 Band-Aids.”

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The hedgehog riding in the taxi cab, in its little hammock on the mirror, is fantastic! It's a very good conversation starter, for sure. I'd love to share my ride with a hedgehog.

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