15+ Naughty Kids Who Made Their Parents’ Head Spin

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2 years ago

According to a study, children who are rule-breaking tend to have a higher income when they grow older. After all, they might be showing an early sign of courage, boldness, and intelligence by plotting for their naughty actions and defying their parents’ instructions. And even though they make us go mad very often, life with naughty kids is always exciting because we can never guess what to expect next.

Bright Side is fascinated by the limitless imagination that some kids have. Here are 16 situations where parents were left completely speechless and confused thanks to their little troublemakers.

1. “Mom didn’t know it was picture day but my little sister did...”

2. “I went back in the bathtub in my pajamas as it was draining after my mom got me ready for bed.”

3. “Their favorite game.”

4. “How my 20-month-old decided to eat his cheese.”

5. “She took 457 selfies on my phone that all look like this.”

6. “My cousin took a bite from the 3 donuts and wanted more.”

7. “My son chooses to dress like this most days.”

8. “My 7-year-old brother told us that he wasn’t eating toast on his bed.”

9. “She put a bunch of dirt in my potted tree.”

10. “My uncle told my 4 and 6-year-old cousins to share the money.”

11. “I left them out with my 5-year-old son.”

12. “I discovered tonight why my girls are suddenly out of toothpaste.”

13. “My 2-year-old used family size box of gold fish crackers to make ’toilet soup.’”

14. “My toddler using his sisters iPad to photograph his butt.”

15. “My 4-year-old decided to put away the toilet paper without being asked to.”

16. “At 2 weeks, my son already mastered the ’blue steel.’”

Were you a naughty child growing up? Do you believe that we should let our little ones get away with it, or do parents need to be more strict?

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