15 People Who Impressed Us With Creative Innovations

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Modern innovations make our life easier, more comfortable, and, in some cases, even more sustainable. But you don’t have to work in a high-tech company to create them, sometimes by adding a bit of creativity to simple everyday things you might just become an innovator.

We at Bright Side collected the most curious and unusual innovations that people shared on the net.

1. Hands-free way to drink

2. “McNuggets box with sauce holder”

3. “These batteries charge off USB-C.”

4. “Some grocery carts in Japan are designed to stack vertically to cut down on aisle congestion.”

5. “This cat’s owner made a tiny driver’s license for its collar.”

6. “Edible coffee cup made from oats and grains”

7. “I made a tall bike out of old bikes.”

8. “Accidentally created a camera obscura in my daughter’s bedroom.”

9. “This floor made out of pennies”

10. “This chair’s back legs are cut to allow its owner to sit on the stoop.”

11. “A clock that shows the time by using the shadow of the person who stands on the current month”

12. “This hexagonal graph paper for organic chemistry”

13. “This keypad randomizes the numbers every time so someone doesn’t figure out the password from your hand movements.”

14. “Chairs at my new job have rollerblade wheels so we can roll quietly.”

15. “My grandparents’ clock measures time on a one-week scale instead of a 12-hour one.”

Which of these innovations you would love to use in your life too?

Preview photo credit chelsiang / Instagram


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