10+ People Who Prove No Family Is Complete Without a Joker

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71% of us consume social media because we want to laugh, and 59% of us do it because we like to see a good story. The truth is, we don’t need any social networks to be entertained. To experience both of these in one take is easy when there’s a lively sense of humor that runs in the family.

Being able to make your relatives and strangers laugh is an art, and Bright Side gathered 20 people who blissfully showed off their funny side and nailed it.

1. “My son is an amputee and sent me these gems. I needed to share them with the world.”

2. “My mom makes pottery masks as a hobby. My dad was bored. This is the result.”

3. “My dad accidentally took my husband’s drill bit home in his pocket. We asked him to just put it somewhere safe until the next time we see him... he obliged.”

4. “It’s the small things that make being a parent so rewarding.”

5. “My dad wore this shirt out to Father’s Day supper. He works in IT. Our waitress was not impressed.”

6. “I was running low on hair ties and asked my mom if she could pick some up next time she went to the store. She said ’Clean your room, first,’ so I did. Touché, Mom, touché.”

7. “My dad used to enjoy bringing people to our basement just to tell them to duck.”

8. “My uncle Joe is down visiting. These are his socks.”

9. “My dad made this pic of our rock climbing trip when I was in 5th grade. Was sent to mom. Mom was not amused.”

10. “My uncle has this hanging at his door.”

11. “My mom put me in charge of taking and editing her wedding photos, so I added a little something. She didn’t notice it, and it’s now hanging in our hallway.”

12. “My brother decorated his fridge for the holidays.”

13. “This is how my son shovels.”

14. “I got my dad this mug a few years ago for his birthday. He uses it every day and never fails to ask if it was actually from my brother. Very funny, dad.”

15. “Mom asked me to ‘touch up’ a photo of her and my dad for her Facebook profile.”

16. “My grandpa said he installed a ceiling fan. This is the picture he sent to us.”

17. “I’m a corrections officer and my wife is a medical director at the prison. We figured it was only right.”

18. “Grandpa just moved into a nursing home and he sent us this picture.”

19. “My son was just born and he is already worried about his student loans.”

20. “My doctor told me to increase my sodium intake. So my dad sent me a 4 lb rock salt lick.”

If you could be a dad for a day, what dad joke would you tell your family and friends first? Who did you inherit your sense of humor from — your mother or your father? Let us know in the comments.

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