15 People Who Randomly Put Smiles on Other Folks’ Faces

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Whenever you do something out of pure love and kindness for someone you don’t know, it’s not only giving you and this newfound friend a sense of gratitude and a lighthearted feeling. It actually has a positive effect on your brain health, bringing in a healthy change with a boost in happy hormones, like serotonin and dopamine.

Bright Side enjoys boosts of happiness whenever we can get it. That’s why we collected a few wholesome moments from random people who enjoyed the company of a good-natured stranger.

1. “While on a hike, I found and rescued a lamb.”

2. “My uncle repairs the seats at a local school in his spare time straight after work every day.”

3. “Hotel towel animals to keep you company when you’re away from your puppies and kitties”

4. “I was at Starbucks, stressed, and mixing up my own order. The barista noticed and wrote me a message.”

5. “I used to always take my 17-year-old dog to the office, but it was extremely hard until my neighbor gave me an old jogging stroller.”

6. “I always like to add something to the optional instructions when ordering a pizza. This time, I asked what their favorite movie was. This was what I got.”

7. “I collect unwanted and donated books for my classroom to give and lend to students to encourage reading. Found this lovely note.”

8. “There’s a lovely older couple that comes to my work frequently. They are always so kind, and today, they gave me this.”

9. “I just texted my grandpa who passed away a few years ago suddenly from cancer. Someone replied for him.”

10. “A friend of ours found a dog and brought him to us. A very kind groomer took him in with no background info.”

11. “A sign on the door at Big Al’s BBQ in WDM on Grand”

12. “Only 1 very sweet local baker was willing to make a She-Ra cake for my brother. Every other place said no.”

13. “This is my field of sunflowers. Today, a guy stopped and asked if he could have some for his girlfriend.”

“He left with the biggest smile on his face.”

14. “I’ve been going to the same cafe since I was 6 years old. The staff remembered my birthday and had a cake prepared for me.”

15. “I was feeling bad about my bald spot, but people have been saying it looks like a heart.”

How often do you experience random acts of kindness like these? How does it make you feel?

Preview photo credit chloe_creating / Reddit


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